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You may be curious as to what Futuristic Retro Rock actually is, and, if you are, then the answer will be revealed on the 2nd March 2018 when Karisma Records releases “Limbohead”, the second full length album from Norway’s DOBBELTGJENGER.

Long-time fans of the band will, of course, know that DOBBELTGJENGER play music that is eclectic, and that they are all about bringing back the groove and the fun to genres that sometimes take themselves a tad too seriously. That’s not to say that DOBBELTGJENGER should not be taken seriously. Far from it. The lyrics of their new album tell tales of deep-rooted neuroticism, a sort of colourful depiction of an anxious reality, where doors are locked, in order to shut out the dangerous conspiracies of the world. But they do so using contagious grooves, a futuristic guitar sound, and soulful rock vocals that alternate between vulnerable falsettos, punkish screams and rhythmic narratives.

Formed in Bergen in 2015, DOBBELTGJENGER field an experienced and skilled lineup of musicians that include Sondre Veland (MAJOR PARKINSON, OSSICLES) on drums, Jakob Sønnesyn (DEPRESNO, 9 GRADER NORD) on bass, Vegard Wikne (OCEAN OF LOTION) on guitars and vocals, and Knut Martin Rasmussen Langeland on guitar. With inspiration drawn from everything from astronauts lost in space to old video games, DOBBELTGJENGER’s debut album “When I’ve Gone to Space” was released in late 2016, and was heavily influenced by progressive rock and elements of jazz and psychedelia.

With “Limbohead”, however, DOBBELTGJENGER have moved away from a solely psychedelic expression and have shifted towards a more varied sound, to produce, what the band describe as a “punk-inspired, and more hands-on, record” which also makes good use of explosive stoner riffs and electric slide-guitars. They cite, as their inspiration, new genres in their already progressive and rock-driven expression. Amongst them 80’s Post Punk (TALKING HEADS, JOY DIVISION) and 90’s Stoner, Boogie and Grunge Rock (ZZ-Top, EAGLES OF DEATH METAL, JEFF BUCKLEY)

With artwork by Kristine Malde Lende, tracklisting for “Limbohead” is as follows:

1. Tin Foil Hat
2. Calling Tokyo
3. Like Monroe
4. Locking My Doors
5. Swing
6. In Limbo
7. Keep’em Coming
8. Radio
9. Mangrove

More information about DOBBELTGJENGER can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

A video for the title track from DOBBELTGJENGER’s debut album “When I’ve Gone to Space”, which frontman Wikne describes as being “A lonely journey into space – about diving into oneself and into the vast and strange “space” where lost astronauts in search of inner peace meet”, can be seen at

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With two critically acclaimed solo albums already to his name, AIRBAG co-founder, songwriter and lead guitarist BJORN RIIS will kick off 2018 in style with the release of a mini-album on Karisma Records in February.

Titled “Coming Home”, the five-track album will include a newly recorded semi-acoustic version of the title track from Bjorn’s 2014 debut album “Lullabies in a Car Crash”, as well as a duet with the Norwegian singer SICHELLE.

Bjorn’s interest in music started in his early teens, an era of guitar-led bands that preceded the emergence of the Progressive Rock movement, which, together with Electronica and Movie Scores, also served to influence him and lead him to develop a style filled with soaring leads and gorgeous textures. Today he has become a much-respected guitarist within the musical community, with his own blog which is followed by thousands of fans.

Not unnaturally, therefore, guitar playing takes centre-stage on his releases, and “Coming Home” is no exception. As Bjorn explains: “I’ve always felt that the guitar is an extension of me and a more comfortable and natural way of expressing myself musically”.

Talking about “Coming Home” itself Bjorn had this to say: “I’m really happy and proud of the vocals this time, and the duet with Sichelle on “Drowning” is very emotional. Lyrically, “Coming Home” deals with the fear and insecurity of being forgotten by the people around you. You imagine all these dramatic scenes and wonder if you’ll ever be missed if something really was to happen”

A regards the idea of including the track “Lullabies in a Car Crash”, which features AIRBAG and BJØRN RIIS BAND touring guitarist Ole Michael Bjørndal on lead guitar, Bjorn went on to explain: “Lullabies just fit right into the mood and theme of this album. It’s almost become a new song. It’s very honest and moving” .

The front cover image for “Coming Home”, is from a collection titled “Sorrow” by the Norwegian photographer Kjetil Karlsen, who provided the much-lauded cover image for Bjorn’s second full-length album “Forever Comes to an End”. The design and layout is by Asle Tostrup.

Tracklisting for “Coming Home”, which will be released in MCD format on Karisma Records on the 20th February, is as follows:

1. Daybreak 4:00
2. Coming Home 6:44
3. Drowning 6:14
4. Tonight’s the Night 3:16
5. Lullabies in a Car Crash (alternative version) 6:29

More information about BJØRN RIIS can be found on the guitarist’s Facebook page at and on his website at, whilst those interested in guitar tutorials and equipment related matters may like to check out Bjorn’s YouTube channel at

Music by BJØRN RIIS can be found at