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PLENTY_by Mark_Taylor_1987_2

It might have taken PLENTY three decades, including a long period of dormancy, to release a new album, but there is absolutely no doubting that PLENTY’s pedigree promises an album well-worth the wait.

Formed in 1986 from the remnants of the eccentric Liverpool-based Post-Punk ensemble A BETTER MOUSETRAP and the Art Rockers from Warrington, AFTER THE STRANGER, PLENTY would be the immediate predecessor to Tim Bowness’ NO-MAN band. With a sound that alternated between electro-pop anthems, poignant ballads and ambient experiments, and with a distinct nod towards contemporary artists such as THE BLUE NILE and PREFAB SPROUT, PLENTY found themselves positioned alongside icons such as DAVID BOWIE and PETER GABRIEL.

Three cassette releases appeared between 1987 and ’88, along with two live appearances the following year, as well as the obligatory lineup changes, until PLENTY called a temporary halt to proceedings in 1990, when band members found themselves involved with other projects, either musically or in their personal lives. It was a hiatus that was to last until 2016, when, between the spring of that year, and the summer of 2017, PLENTY’s most enduring lineup of Tim Bowness on vocals, Brian Hulse on guitars and keyboards, and David K Jones on bass, got together once more to re-record the band’s 1980 catalogue of 16 songs, along with one completely new one, in order to complete “It Could Be Home” – the album they had hoped to release three decades earlier.

Remaining faithful to both the spirit of the original recordings, and the era in which they were written, the band re-wrote some of the lyrics and streamlined some of the song arrangements in order to finally produce “It Could Be Home”. It is an album that showcases the origins of the styles that were subsequently to become the trademarks of Bowness and NO-MAN. Significantly, it also reveals a variety of shades to Bowness’ singing, as Jones’s powerful bass playing and Hulse’s inventive guitar parts and pulsating electronics, push his vocals into territories he has rarely explored since the 1980s.

Mixed and instrumentally augmented by Norwegian producer Jacob Holm-Lupo (WHITE WILLOW, THE OPIUM CARTEL), and mastered by THE PINEAPPLE THIEF’S Steve Kitch, the album also features contributions from former PLENTY guitarist Michael Bearpark, pianist Peter Chilvers (BRIAN ENO, KARL HYDE) and NO-MAN violinist Steve Bingham.

“It Could Be Home” is set to be released on Karisma Records in CD, Digital, LP and Limited Edition Blue Vinyl formats on the 27th April and the track “Every Stranger’s Voice” can be heard at below and at

With artwork by Carl Glover, tracklising on “It Could Be Home” is as follows:

01. As Tears Go By (Rolling Stones cover)
02. Hide
03. Never Needing
04. Broken Nights
05. Foolish Waking
06. Strange Gods
07. Every Stranger’s Voice
08. Climb
09. The Good Man
10. It could be Home

In an album that could be described as a re-discovered gem of the Art Pop genre, the cover of THE ROLLING STONES’ “As Tears Go By” is given a radical synth-heavy overhaul, “Hide” and “Climb” possess a driving Post-Punk energy, while pieces like “Foolish Waking” and “Strange Gods” anticipate the timeless atmospheric melancholy of Bowness’ music and the direction which it is taking. “The Good Man”, the band’s first new song in 27 years, provides a seamless link between PLENTY’s past and its present.

“It Could Be Home” is now available to pre-order in CD and Vinyl versions from the following (digital pre-order will be available soon)

Blue vinyl:
Black vinyl:
Digipak CD:

More information about PLENTY can be found on the band’s facebook page at

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Karisma Records have today revealed a Teaser Video for the upcoming mini album from AIRBAG co-founder, songwriter and lead guitarist BJORN RIIS. The video, which is as atmospheric and brooding as the album itself, can be seen below and at

Titled “Coming Home”, the five-track album, which is set for release in MCD format on the 23rd February, will include a newly recorded semi-acoustic version of the title track from Bjorn’s 2014 debut album “Lullabies in a Car Crash”, as well as a duet with the Norwegian singer SICHELLE.

With a front cover image from a collection titled “Sorrow” by the Norwegian photographer Kjetil Karlsen, who provided the much-lauded cover image for Bjorn’s second full-length album “Forever Comes to an End”, design and layout on “Coming Home” is by Asle Tostrup. Tracklisting is as follows:

1. Daybreak 4:00
2. Coming Home 6:44
3. Drowning 6:14
4. Tonight’s the Night 3:16
5. Lullabies in a Car Crash (alternative version) 6:29

Bjorn recently described how he felt about “Coming Home”, as well as explaining his decision to include the track “Lullabies in a Car Crash”:

“I’m really happy and proud of the vocals this time, and the duet with Sichelle on “Drowning” is very emotional. Lyrically, “Coming Home” deals with the fear and insecurity of being forgotten by the people around you. You imagine all these dramatic scenes and wonder if you’ll ever be missed if something really was to happen. “Lullabies” just fit right into the mood and theme of this album. It’s almost become a new song. It’s very honest and moving” . The track features AIRBAG and BJØRN RIIS BAND touring guitarist Ole Michael Bjørndal on lead guitar.

The BJØRN RIIS BAND will be playing two shows in the Netherlands in February to celebrate the release of the album. The first will take place on the 23rd at Boerderij in Zoetermeer, followed on the 24th with a show at the De Cacaofabriek in Helmond

More information about BJØRN RIIS can be found on the guitarist’s Facebook page at and on his website at, whilst those interested in guitar tutorials and equipment related matters may like to check out Bjorn’s YouTube channel at

Music by BJØRN RIIS can be found at

A video by Kjetil Karlsen for the track Where Are You Now” from Bjørn Riis’s album ‘Forever Comes to an End’ can be seen below and at

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Self-styled Futuristic Retro Rockers DOBBELTGJENGER have released a single from their upcoming album “Limbohead” ahead of its release. The single, “Tin Foil Hat”, which also happens to be the opening track from the album, is available to hear and download at

Itunes: Itunes_TinFoilHat
Spotify: Spotify_TinFoilHat

A video for the track “Tin Foil Hat” can be seen below and at

Drawing their inspiration from everything from astronauts lost in space to old video games, Norway’s DOBBELTGJENGER was formed in the musical cradle that is Bergen in 2015. The band features an experienced and skilled lineup of musicians that include Sondre Veland (MAJOR PARKINSON, OSSICLES) on drums, Jakob Sønnesyn (DEPRESNO, 9 GRADER NORD) on bass, Vegard Wikne (OCEAN OF LOTION) on guitars and vocals, and Knut Martin Rasmussen Langeland on guitar.

Whilst the DOBBELTGJENGER ‘s 2016 debut album “When I’ve Gone to Space” was heavily influenced by progressive rock and elements of jazz and psychedelia, “Limbohead” represents a shift away from a narrow psychedelic expression towards a more eclectic sound. The end result is described by the band as a “punk-inspired, and more hands-on, record” replete with explosive stoner riffs and electric slide-guitars.

Lyrically, “Limbohead” recounts tales of deep-rooted neuroticism, a sort of colourful tapestry of an anxious reality, where doors are locked, in order to shut out the dangerous conspiracies of the world. But whilst the subject matter is serious, DOBBELTGJENGER are all about bringing back the groove and the fun to genres that sometimes take themselves a tad too seriously by using contagious grooves, a futuristic guitar sound, and soulful rock vocals that alternate between vulnerable falsettos, punkish screams and rhythmic narratives.

With artwork by Kristine Malde Lende, tracklisting for “Limbohead” is as follows:

1. Tin Foil Hat
2. Calling Tokyo
3. Like Monroe
4. Locking My Doors
5. Swing
6. In Limbo
7. Keep’em Coming
8. Radio
9. Mangrove

“Limbohead”, which will be released in CD, 12″ Vinyl and Digital formats is now available to pre-order from and

More information about DOBBELTGJENGER can be found on the band’s Facebook page at


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Jordsjø - Jord

With the tape version of JORDSJØ’s upcoming album “Jord” featuring in a number of “Best Of 2017” lists, Karisma Records is off to a flying start with its 2018 releases, as the ubiquitous Bergen-based label reveals details of the album’s more conventional format release.

Replete with an underlying theme of alienation, belonging, and dreams, and following on from three cassette demos, “Jord” is considered by the band to be their first “proper” album. Whilst “Jord” makes use of flute, guitars and a vast array of vintage synths, and with a nod in the direction of 70’s Prog, Electronic and Folk, it is an album that takes on the warmth of its vintage sound, but emerges as something fresh and interesting.

Set for release on the 9th March in CD and Digital formats, and with artwork by Sindre Foss Skancke, tracklisting for “Jord” is as follows:

1. Over Vidda
2. Abstraksjoner fra et Dunkelt Kammer
3. Finske Skoger
4. Jord I
5. Jord II
6. La meg forsvinne
7. Postludium

Consisting of founder and multi instrumentalist Håkon Oftung (TUSMORKE, BLACK MAGIC ) and drummer Kristian Frøland, JORDSJØ was formed in Oslo, Norway in the autumn of 2014. The duo draw their inspiration from old horror movies, German 70s Synth music, Swedish Prog, fantasy novels and Norwegian nature, and together they create a charismatic, folk-inspired Symphonic Rock that stands out amongst the legion of Prog Bands.

Already hard at work preparing their next opus, “Jord”, will be followed by what the band calls “a kind of Intermezzo” titled “Nattfiolen” which will explore more deeply the mysticism that surrounds the forest.

JORDSJØ are confirmed to appear at the Close to the Rain Bergen Prog Festival in 2018 and more information about the band can be found on Facebook at

Past releases from JORDSJØ can be heard at

A video for the track ” Hulderheimen” from JORDSJØ’s 2015 release can be seen at