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Plenty - It could be home

Karisma Records have good news today for fans of PLENTY who have waited three decades for a new release from the band that was formed in 1986 from the remnants of the eccentric Liverpool-based Post-Punk ensemble A BETTER MOUSETRAP and the Art Rockers from Warrington, AFTER THE STRANGER, and is the immediate predecessor to Tim Bowness’ NO-MAN band. Because today they bring you two tracks from the upcoming album “It Could Be home” . One is a single release for the track “Hide” and the other is a lyric video for the track “Every Stranger’s Voice”.

Of “Every Stranger’s Voice” Bowness has this to say:

“Every Stranger’s Voice” was one of the last songs written by Plenty during its first incarnation and dates from 1990. It’s one of the grand ‘doomed romantic ballads’ that partly defined Plenty and early No-Man. I always felt it was one of the strongest songs we’d come up with, but it had the misfortune of emerging in the month that No-Man got its first record and publishing deals so was abandoned very shortly after being written. Michael Bearpark’s searing solo on the track is a real highlight for me. Bob Hodds’ atmospheric video ambiguously captures the emotional ‘force of nature’ that drives the lyric”.

The video by Bob Hodds for “Every Stranger’s Voice” can be seen below and at

With regard to the single “Hide”, Bowness went on to say:

“”Hide” is one of the few Plenty pieces that betrays the band’s origins as part of the thriving Liverpool Post-Punk/Art Pop scene of the 1980s. It was written in 1987 and was an important part of the live performances we did at the time. All two of them! I always liked the fact that the song itself hid a dark lyric about mental illness and the desire for retreat behind a jaunty and propulsive musical facade. As I croon about someone’s tragic decline and stasis, Brian and David’s playing exudes something joyous and surprising. The lyric was inspired by a friend who also provided part of the inspiration behind No-Man’s Animal Ghost”.

“Hide” is available from all the usual streaming and download services details of which can be found at

“It Could Be Home”, which features PLENTY’s most enduring lineup of Tim Bowness on vocals, Brian Hulse on guitars and keyboards, and David K Jones on bass, was recorded between the spring of 2016 and the summer of 2017, when the band got together once more to re-record their 1980 catalogue of 16 songs, along with one completely new one.

“It Could Be Home” Remains faithful to both the spirit of the original recordings, and the era in which they were written, with PLENTY re-writing some of the lyrics and streamlined some of the song arrangements in order to finally produce “It Could Be Home”. It is an album that showcases the origins of the styles that were subsequently to become the trademarks of Bowness and NO-MAN. Significantly, it also reveals a variety of shades to Bowness’ singing, as Jones’s powerful bass playing and Hulse’s inventive guitar parts and pulsating electronics, push his vocals into territories he has rarely explored since the 1980’s.

It is an album that could, essentially, be described as a re-discovered gem of the Art Pop genre in which PLENTY’s cover of THE ROLLING STONES’ “As Tears Go By” is given a radical synth-heavy overhaul, “Hide” and “Climb” possess a driving Post-Punk energy, while pieces like “Foolish Waking” and “Strange Gods” anticipate the timeless atmospheric melancholy of Bowness’ music and the direction which it is taking. “The Good Man”, the band’s first new song in 27 years, provides a seamless link between PLENTY’s past and its present.

PLENTY_by Mark_Taylor_1987_2

Set for release on Karisma Records in CD, Digital, LP and Limited Edition Blue Vinyl formats on the 27th April, “It Could Be Home” is mixed and instrumentally augmented by Norwegian producer Jacob Holm-Lupo (WHITE WILLOW, THE OPIUM CARTEL), and mastered by THE PINEAPPLE THIEF’S Steve Kitch. The album also features contributions from former PLENTY guitarist Michael Bearpark, pianist Peter Chilvers (BRIAN ENO, KARL HYDE) and NO-MAN violinist Steve Bingham.

With artwork by Carl Glover, tracklisting on “It Could Be Home” is as follows:

01. As Tears Go By (Rolling Stones cover)
02. Hide
03. Never Needing
04. Broken Nights
05. Foolish Waking
06. Strange Gods
07. Every Stranger’s Voice
08. Climb
09. The Good Man
10. It could be Home

“It Could Be Home” is now available to pre-order in CD and Vinyl versions from the following:

Blue vinyl:
Black vinyl:
Digipak CD:
All formats including digital:

More information about PLENTY can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

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Tusmørke - Fjernsyn i farver

Hot on the heels of their surprising children’s album, released on Karisma Records in late 2017, Norwegian Psychedelic Prog Folk Rockers TUSMØRKE are set to release “Fjernsyn i farver”, their sixth full length album, on the 4th May.

Never having been a band that is afraid of anyone, or anything, even the extremely complex, and rather baffling theories of existence, TUSMØRKE are happy to tackle any subject matter they perceive to be significant, and are quite prepared to wrestle their musical way through ideas that they barely comprehend. Which brings us to the somewhat mind-blowing concept on which “Fjernsyn i farver” is based.

Or maybe that should be “concepts” because “Fjernsyn i farver”, which translated means “Colour Television”, is loosely based on the two concepts of Light and Time and their relationship with reality. Or, as the band explains:

“Everything we see is a reflection made by light from the sun hitting an object. The reflected light is registered by our eyes, but the reflection is also sent out in all other possible directions, travelling at the speed of light. The unobstructed reflections would travel forever onwards into space, therefore, theoretically, if we could devise a means to move faster than light, we could overtake these reflections and view them again, seeing history backwards.

“The second idea is that light is invisible until it hits something and is reflected back, creating an image in colour which the human eye can see. So if there were no physical objects to reflect the light, there would be an eternal totality, a darkness of sorts, since light would not be seen”.

“Fjernsyn i farver”, which will be available in Dikipak, Digital Download, 12″ Vinyl and Limited Edition Purple Vinyl formats, is served up with TUSMØRKE’s brand of psychedelic prog folk, so that whilst the ideas may seem a little “out there”, the music is very accessible and, as always, interesting.

With artwork by Linn Solveig Halvorsrød and design by Tom Korsvold, tracklisting on the album us as follows:

1. Fjernsyn i farver (Colour Television)
2. Kniven i kurven (The Knife in the Basket)
3. Borgerlig tussmørke (Civil Twilight)
4. 3001
5. Death Czar
6. Tøyens hemmelighet (The Secret of Tøyen)

“Fjernsyn i farver” is now available to pre-order from the following:

EU webshop:
US webshop:

Featuring members of WOBBLER, JORDSJØ and ALWANZATAR, TUSMØRKE’s lineup fields an almost dizzying variety of instruments, and is comprised of Benediktator on Bass, vocals, Glockenspiel and percussion, Krizla on Flute, vocals, electronics and percussion, The Phenomenon Marxo Solinas on Minimoog Model D, Korg CX3, William de Blaise on harpsichord, Steinway & Sons Grand Piano, Hohner Clavinet D6, Mellotron M400, Hammond C3, Wurlitzer 200 and Solina String Ensemble, and HlewagastiR on Drums and percussion.

More information about TUSMØRKE can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

Photo by Terje Skår
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In a surprise announcement today that will please fans of Kim Ljung of SEIGMEN and ZEROMANCER, not only did Karisma Records reveal that they would be releasing the sixth full-length album from Ljung’s LJUNGBLUT project, they have also released an exclusive new single which will not be available on the album.

Titled “Alt godt”, the single is a stripped down and melancholy song imbued with the characteristic Ljungblut sound. “Alt godt” is produced by Ljungblut, mixed by Terje Johannessen and mastered by Chris Sansom. With a cover photo by Julia Beyer and band photos by Christian Roth Christensen, “Alt godt” is available from the 12th February from all digital streaming and download services. It can be heard at

Formed by Ljung in 2005 in Tønsberg, Norway, as a vehicle for songs that he felt didn’t fit in with either SEIGMEN or ZEROMANCER, LJUNGBLUT became a fully fledged band in 2011 with the addition of full-time members, some of whom had collaborated on LJUNGBLUT’s first two albums. Joining Ljung (keys and vocals) are Dan Heide on guitars, Ted Skogmann on drums , Joakim Brendsrød on keys , and Sindre Pedersen on bass.

With five independently released albums under their belts, LJUNGBLUT are set to release their much-awaited sixth full-length album, which will be titled “Villa Carlotta 5959”, on Karisma Records in the fall of 2018.

More information about LJUNGBLUT can be found on the band’s Facebook page at or at

A video for the title track from LJUNGBLUT’s 2016 album “Ikke alle netter er like sorte” can be seen below and at

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Bjørn Riis

With the 23rd February set for the release of “Coming Come”, the new solo mini album from AIRBAG co-founder BJØRN RIIS, Karisma Records have today debuted the title track, about which Bjørn had this to say:

“Coming Home” was initially written and considered for my last full-length album “Forever Comes to an End”, which was released on Karisma Records in 2017, and we did, in fact, record the drums for it. However, there was something different about this song. It had a much darker atmosphere and I decided that I would save it for a mini-album that I’d been wanting to do for some time. “Coming Home” was something of a dare because I don’t consider myself a singer and it’s a really a stripped down song, but I’m very happy with it. I like the duality between the sombre and naked opening and the huge stadium-like ending. Henrik Fossum from AIRBAG plays drums, whilst I do the vocals, guitars and keys”.

The track “Coming Home” can be heard below and at

As well as “Coming Home”, the five-track album includes a newly recorded semi-acoustic version of the title track from Bjørn ‘s 2014 debut album “Lullabies in a Car Crash”, and a duet with the Norwegian singer SICHELLE. With a front cover image from a collection titled “Sorrow” by the Norwegian photographer Kjetil Karlsen, who provided the much-lauded cover image for Bjorn’s second full-length album “Forever Comes to an End”, design and layout on “Coming Home” is by Asle Tostrup.

Tracklisting for “Coming Home” is as follows:

1. Daybreak 4:00
2. Coming Home 6:44
3. Drowning 6:14
4. Tonight’s the Night 3:16
5. Lullabies in a Car Crash (alternative version) 6:29

“Coming Home” will be available in MCD, Digital and 12″ vinyl formats and is now available to pre-order in all versions from and in MCD and vinyl from

The BJØRN RIIS BAND will be playing two shows in the Netherlands in February to celebrate the release of the album. The first will take place on the 23rd at Boerderij in Zoetermeer, followed on the 24th with a show at the De Cacaofabriek in Helmond

A video teaser for “Coming Home” can be seen below and at

More information about BJØRN RIIS can be found on the guitarist’s Facebook page at and on his website at, whilst those interested in guitar tutorials and equipment related matters may like to check out Bjorn’s YouTube channel at

Music by BJØRN RIIS can be found at

A video by Kjetil Karlsen for the track Where Are You Now” from Bjørn Riis’s album ‘Forever Comes to an End’ can be seen below and at