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Karisma Records have revealed the details of the upcoming full-length album from Iceland’s Psychedelic Prog Rockers LUCY IN BLUE.  The eight-track album, titled “In Flight”,   will be the second full-length release from the young band who are making considerable waves on the Icelandic Prog Scene with their  elaborate grooves and delicate chord movements, performed with a skill that belies their age. 

To give listeners a taste of what they can expect from LUCY IN BLUE, Karisma Records have today released a single from “In Flight”.  The single, titled “Matricide” can be downloaded and streamed at

 “In Flight” is an album that amply showcases LUCY IN BLUE’s ethereal harmonies and philosophical lyrics, which deal not only with the whole spectrum of human emotion, but also touch on more political themes as well. 

Tracklisting for “In Flight” is as follows:

01. Alight Part 1
02. Alight Part 2
03. Respire
04. Matricide
05. Núverandi
06. Tempest
07. In Flight
08. On Ground

Formed in 2013, LUCY IN BLUE released their self-titled debut  album via Bandcamp in 2016, and,  since then,  the band has been stunning crowds in their native Iceland with their soaring guitar solos and intense build-ups,  taking their audiences  for a ride through the psychedelic soundscapes and the progressive song writing styles of the 1970’s. 

Finally, with the release of “In Flight” a much wider audience will be able to see LUCY IN BLUE’s  Arnaldur Ingi Jónsson on Keyboards and vocals, Kolbeinn Þórsson on Drums, Matthías Hlífar Mogensen on  Bass and vocals, and Steinþór Bjarni Gíslason on guitar and vocals in action, when they hit the stage at the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands, on the 14th April.

“In Flight” will hit the streets on the 12 April and will be available in CD, Digital and Limited Edition transparent turquoise vinyl  formats, and can be pre-ordered now from:

All formats:
CD and vinyl:
US webshop:

More information about LUCY IN BLUE can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

The track “Prickers’ Groove”  from LUCY IN BLUE’s self-titled debut album can be heard below and at

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Caravela Escarlate

Karisma Records have gone much further afield than their native Norway with their latest signing, Brazilian Symphonic Proggers CARAVELA ESCARLATE, whose self-titled sophomore full-length album  will be released by the label on the 1st of March.

Formed in Rio de Janeiro in 2011, CARAVELA ESCARLATE’s lineup of David Caravelle on vocals, bass, guitars and violins, Ronaldo Rodrigues (MASSAHARA, ARCPELAGO) on  Keyboards and Elcio Cáfaro on Drums, are a trio heavily inspired by both English and Italian ’70’s Prog Rock, but they draw on traditional and  popular Brazilian music, which gives them a special, and quite unique,  sound.

Whilst the band’s 2017 debut album “Raschuno” was more acoustic, “Caravela Escarlate” is a huge step towards a more keyboard-driven, classic prog rock sound for the band.   It is an album that almost sounds as if it could have been recorded in 1973, but the lyrics (in Portuguese) give it a distinctly modern edge, inspired, as they are, by science fiction, comic books and environmental concerns.

Recorded at the Mata Studio in Rio De Janeiro in 2017, the album follows the adventures of Caravela Escarlate, which, translated means “Crimson Ship”, an alien being from Sideral space  that can transform itself into its own means of transport – specifically a ship.   And you’d be hard-pushed to find a better subject for a spaced-out, retro prog album than that!

With Artwork by Fabio Gracia, track listing for  “Caravela Escarlate” is as follows: 

01. Um Brilho Frágil no Infinito
02. Caravela Escarlate
03. Atmosfera
04. Gigantes da Destruição
05. Toque as Constelações
06. Futuro Passado
07. Cosmos
08. Planeta-Estrela

Karisma Records have given us a taste of what to expect from “Caravela Escarlate” by releasing the title track as a single, which can be streamed or downloaded at

“Caravela Escarlate” will be released in CD, LP and Digital formats, and is now available to pre-order from the following:

All formats:
CD & Vinyl:

More information about CARAVELA ESCARLATE can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

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Rhys Marsh - October afte all

Karisma Records have revealed details of the third full-length album from singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer RHYS MARSH, as well as a video for a track from the album.   Titled  “October After All”, the album is set for release on the 22nd February.

MARSH, born in London, but now living in Trondheim, Norway, began his career in 2008, and released a plethora of albums through various projects and collaborations that included the bands RHYS MARSH AND THE AUTUMN GHOST, KAUKASUS and MANDALA, as well as his debut solo full-length album “Sentiment” in the autumn of 2014.  Its follow up, “The Black Sun Shining”, was a 42-minute song-cycle, written and recorded in only seven days.

The video, by RHYS MARSH  for the track “Let It Be Known” can be seen below and at

 With “October After All” MARSH has come up with a beautiful, atmospheric, prog album that features both alternative rock and jazz elements.  Once again he is handling most of the instrumental duties, but the album also features contributions from Arve Henriksen on trumpet and Kåre Kolve on saxophone, as well as a choir which includes the talents of Rohey, Silje Leirvik, Anders Bjermeland and Tim Bowness.

RHYS had this to say about “October After All”:

I try to approach every album from a different angle, to give it its own identity. When I was writing this album, I was very inspired by music from the mid- to late-seventies, especially songs that had string synthesizers in place of Mellotrons. And of course, the drum sounds from that era, which I absolutely love. These songs were all written after I got married and our son was born, so for the first time, on any album really, I let the songs be reflections of specific events.

Musicians on “October After All” include Rhys Marsh, Anders Bjermeland, Tale Vang Ellefsen, Kåre Kolve, Roar Øien and Arve Henriksen, whilst vocals are by Rhys Marsh, Silje Leirvik, Anders Bjermeland, Rohey Taalah, Ole Kristian Malmedal, Vilde Aakre Lie, Tale Vang Ellefsen, Arve Henriksen and Tim Bowness

“October After All” was produced by Rhys Marsh and recorded & mixed by Marsh at the Autumnsongs Recording Studio in Trondheim, with additional recording by Roar Øien at Tyrirot Studio, Tim Bowness at the Hidden Art Studios, and  Arve Henriksen at the Arve Music Studio.  Musicians on the album include Rhys Marsh, Anders Bjermeland, Tale Vang Ellefsen, Kåre Kolve, Roar Øien and Arve Henriksen.
Photos by Nils Kristian Thompson Eikeland, and artwork by Carl Glover.

Tracklisting for “October After All” is as follows:

  1. River
  2. Long Way Back
  3. Golden Lullabies
  4. Ride The New Wave
  5. The Butterflies
  6. Let It Be Known!
  7. One Hundred Memories
  8. The Summer Days
  9. ‘22’
  10. (It Will Be) October After All

“October After All” will be available in CD, Digital and Vinyl formats.  The CD and Vinyl formats will include a link to 12 downloadable bonus tracks.

“October After All” is now available to pre-order from:


More information about RHYS Marsh can be found on Facebook at or on the website at  

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Ruphus - New Born Day CD

Karisma Records are set to release the entire six-album back catalogue of the ’70’s Norwegian Prog legends RUPHUS. All the albums will be re-mastered by Jacob Holm-Lupo,  who is working  with new digital transfers from the original master tapes which are stored in the Norwegian National Archives for posterity.

The first release, which is set to hit the streets on the 8th March, will be band’s debut album “New Born Day”, to be followed later by  “Ranshart”, “Let Your Light Shine”, “Inner Voice”, “Flying Colours” and “Manmade”.

Throughout their first incarnation, which lasted from 1970 to 1981, RUPHUS developed from playing hard, progressive rock,  to becoming one of the leaders in the jazz rock genre, whilst fielding a lineup that contained more members than a football team.

Originally released in 1973, “New Born Day” is widely regarded as one of the best albums to have emerged from the  Norwegian Prog scene.   Conceived  in a house in Meråker (near Trondheim) during  the summer of 1973, the band spent a month locked away working on their creation before entering the studio with producer Stein Robert Ludvigsen.

The lineup on “New Born Days” featured seven members, of whom only Kjell Larsen (guitar) and Asle Nilsen (bass, flute) would go on to play on all of RUPHUS’ albums between then and 1981.  Whilst the band nodded in the direction of the likes of KING CRIMSON, JETHRO TULL, YES and SAVAGE ROSE,  RUPHUS had a clear advantage when it came to stamping their own identity on their music by being fronted by not one, but two vocalists, with one of the female Prog  pioneers Gudny Aspaas combining her exceptionally powerful vocals with those of Rune Sundby.

“New Born Day” is clearly a product of its time, and so it should be, representing, as it does, a period of rock history in which musicians performed their music together, in the same room, all at the same time.  However, fans who are discovering RUPHUS for the first time cannot fail to notice how Ludvigsen succeeded in producing an album that sounds fresh even today.

With artwork by Anders Kaardahl, “New Born Day” will be available in CD and digital formats as well as in heavyweight vinyl formats in regular black and limited edition blue vinyl.  Tracklisting for “New Born Day” is as follows:

  1. Coloured Dreams
  2. Scientific Ways
  3. Still Alive
  4. The Man Who Started It All
  5. Trapped In A Game
  6. New Born Day
  7. Day After Tomorrow

“New Born Day” is now available to pre-order from - New Born Day LP

On the 8th March, RUPHUS will play a a special ‘re-release concert’ at Oslo’s Parkteateret to celebrate the reappearance of “New Born Day”.  Details of the event can be found at

More information about RUPHUS can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

A video of RUPHUS playing live at the studios of Norway’s  NRK TV can be seen below and at

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Norway’s KRAKOW have revealed another stunning new video for a track from their latest album “minus”.

The video, by Esteban Farias, is for the track “The Stranger” and can be seen below and at

Here is what the band have to say about the video:

Imagine a world where all you know to be true is also the opposite. Where every truth has an alternate side, and where there are heads on both sides of the coin and where the mirrors point both ways. Doesn’t take much to make that leap of faith, now does it? But still, beyond the second truth may be another, and another, and yet another version of reality. Layers, levels, dimensions, infinite snapshots of moments frozen in time, always existing yet forever lost. 

This is the gift The Stranger carries, as he walks towards you, kaleidoscope in hand and an inviting smile. Ahead of you is a journey through KRAKOW’s complete musical universe, a distillation of all that KRAKOW ever was or will ever be. All the same this is like nothing the band has ever created before – a perfect song, a perfectly told story, a perfect snapshot of the Krakowian spirit. 

 The choice is yours now, and only you will see what is there for you to see.

 Esteban Farias has outdone his talent on this one and truly captured the essence of The Stanger! Thank you.

“minus” was recorded in the famous Duper and Solslottet studios in the Bergen Kjøtt creative complex, in collaboration, once more, with Iver Sandøy.  It is, effectively,  two albums-worth of material distilled into one, very focussed, gem.  According  to the band, “minus” is “the pinnacle of achievement of KRAKOW’s thirteen-year existence, representing the bare essence of who KRAKOW are as individuals, as a group, and as story tellers.  It defies any attempts at genre definition, and covers the heavy, the subtle, the melodic, the atonal, the groovy, the sluggish, the dense, the airy, the naked, and always, always, that wall of sound from whence no light can escape.

Available on Karisma Records in Digipak, 12″ Vinyl, and Digital formats, “minus” includes a guest appearance from  MOTÖRHEAD’s Phil Campbell on the opening track, and ends with a choir consisting of a select group of Bergen-based musical veterans.

Krakow - minus CD

“minus” is available from all the usual retailers and streaming services, as well as direct from Karisma Records at:

All formats:
Digipak and Vinyl:

More information about KRAKOW can be found on the band’s website at or on Facebook at

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Airbag - All Rights Removed LP

Having announced last year that they would be releasing completely remastered vinyl editions of AIRBAG’s entire back catalogue, Karisma Records are now set to release “All Rights Removed”,  the second in the series from the Norwegian Prog Rockers.

“All Rights Removed”, the band’s sophomore full-length album, was originally released in 2011 and the vinyl version has long-been unavailable, so the February 8th release will be welcome news to the band’s many fans.

A follow up to 2009’s critically acclaimed debut “Identity”, “All Rights Removed” saw the band taking a huge step forward with an album that has a much darker atmosphere and much longer, more epic songs,  without sacrificing AIRBAG’s distinctive sound.

Meticulously remastered for vinyl by White Willow mastermind Jacob Holm-Lupo,  the new edition of “All Rights Removed” will be available on heavyweight double vinyl in transparent red, with a gatefold cover and printed inner sleeves.  It is strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide and is now available to pre-order from the following:

US Webshop:

Airbag - All Rights Removed LP

Tracklisting for “All Rights Removed” is as follows:

1. All Rights Removed
2. White Walls
3. The Bridge
4. Never Coming Home
5. Light Them All Up
6. Homesick

Formed in Oslo, Norway in 2004 AIRBAG’s music is best described as scenic, epic rock, the band’s lineup consists of Bjørn Riis (guitars, keyboards, backing vocals, bass, co-producer), Asle Tostrup (vocals, keyboards, programming, producer, graphic design), Henrik Fossum (drums) .

AIRBAG’s next live appearance will be on the 18th January at the John Dee, in Oslo, Norway, and will be followed by a trip to the Caribbean where the band will appearing at the Cruise to the Edge Proggers of the Caribbean event on board the Brilliance of the Seas in February.

More information about AIRBAG can be found on the band’s website at  or on Facebook at

A video of AIRBAG playing “All Rights Removed” live in Oslo when the band supported Marillion on the Scandinavian leg of their world tour can be seen below and  at

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Fervent Mind - Tranquilize

Karisma Records have chosen to start the year by revealing details of “Tranquilize” the upcoming debut album from Experimental Rockers FERVENT MIND, as well as giving fans an insight into this up and coming Norwegian by releasing a single from the album.

The single, for the track “Fervent”, which includes cover art by Yrjan Sundfør Rodrigues and design by Hallvard Surlien, can be streamed or downloaded from the following

FERVENT MIND vocalist and composer Live Sollid Schulerud had this to say about the track:

“Fervent” is a song about having lost your belief in people and in love, and having lived a life that was totally different from what you really wanted it to be. You have kind of closed the door to the life you wished for because you thought you didn’t have the guts to take the risk. But the door is still there in the back of your mind, and you suddenly feel an urge to open it and get away from the dull and comfortable.


Along with Live, who formed FERVENT MIND in 2014, the band’s  lineup includes Simen Skrebergene on electric guitar, Martin Sandvik Gjerde on keyboards, Martin Skrebergene on electric bass, and Henrik Håland on drums.   Together they have become known for their intense and energetic live performances and a captivating and progressive soundscape that merges experimental rock with elements from post rock and metal as well as dream pop, trip hop and contemporary jazz.

Fervent Mind by Fervent Mind by Rakel Emilie Emhjellen Paulsen


“Tranquilize” was recorded at the Thor Neby Studio and produced by Fervent Mind and mixed by Manuel Madsen.  With album cover art by Anders Røkkum and  cover design by Line Lønning, tracklisiting for “Tranquilize” is as follows:

  1. A Series of Fragments
  2. Torrid
  3. Fervent
  4. Sleeping Strange
  5. Crystal
  6. Runaway Bride
  7. All Sounds Muted
  8. Disappearing into the Masses part 1 (CD & digital only)
  9. Disappearing into the Masses part 2 (CD & digital only)
  10. Tongues
  11. Strain

“Tranquilize” is set for release on Karisma Records in CD, Digital and Vinyl formats on the 22 March and is available to pre-order from the following:

All Formats:
CD and Vinyl:

More information about FERVENT MIND can be found on the band’s Facebook page at