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Airbag is hailed as one of the most important bands to emerge from the Norwegian prog scene over the past decades. Their four critically acclaimed albums reveal a band that masterfully blends diverse musical styles and sounds, with a strong narrative listening experience.

The band’s 5th album, A Day at the Beach, will be released on Karisma Records on June 19th 2020.

Airbag was formed in the mid-2000s by five high school classmates, including Asle Tostrup (vocals) and Bjørn Riis (guitars). The band released their first EP, titled “Come on” In in 2004 and a string of self-produced EPs was offered for free on their website receiving nearly a quarter of a million downloads within a few months.

The networking paid off and Airbag signed with the now prestigious Norwegian prog label Karisma Records in August 2008.

Airbag’s debut album, Identity (Karisma Records 2009) feature remixed songs from their previously released EPs. Identity received several album of the year awards, with the single, Colours, reaching top 3 on Polish national radio.

Their second album, All Rights Removed (Karisma Records 2011) saw a change in the line-up and a more mature and confident band, with Henrik Bergan Fossum behind the drums. The album features the epic seventeen minute long Homesick. A fan favourite showcasing the band’s ability to blend bombastic arrangements with ambient soundscapes.

2012 saw Airbag touring and opening for Marillion. Over the years, the band has shared the stage with several prominent names in prog, including Yes, Saga, Anathema, Pineapple Thief and Riverside. Airbag frequent some of the biggest venues in Europe and are twice returning guests at the annual Cruise to the Edge in the US.

The band’s next albums, The Greatest Show on Earth (Karisma Records 2013) and Disconnected (Karisma Records 2016) reveals a darker side of the band, with lyrics dealing with society’s destructive forces and the individual’s struggle to fit in. The ever current topics are underlined by heavier guitars and dramatic arrangements. Both albums received much praise for impressive production and musicianship.

Airbag will be out touring in 2020/21 supporting their upcoming release A Day at the Beach.

Bjørn Riis – Guitar

Asle Tostrup – Vocals

Henrik Fossum – Drums

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