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Hailing from Trondheim, Norway, ARABS IN ASPIC have their roots firmly planted in the Golden Era of rock, as exemplified by their sound, which is a sweet mixture of loud, heavy guitars and drums, 12 string acoustics, funky bass and percussion, screaming Hammond organs, soft Rhodes, Mellotrons and 70’s Synths, topped with plentiful vocal harmonies.

Re-mastered releases (2021)

Karisma Records is releasing re-mastered versions of the three first ARABS IN ASPIC albums, “Progeria” (2003), “Far out in Aradabia” and “Strange frame of Mind”. The albums have all been remastered by Jacob Holm-Lupo (White Willow, The Opium Cartel). First out are CD formats, that will release on June 18th 2021, and later on July 9th 2021, the albums will also release in vinyl formats. The albums will be released as a regular black vinyl gatefold edition, a limited edition colored vinyl gatefold version, and as an exclusive vinyl box set of all three vinyls in colored vinyl, a booklet and a slipmat. The booklet and slipmat will be exclusive to the vinyl box set.

Progeria re-mastered edition

The band’s first effort was the mini-album “Progeria”, which was released for the first time in 2003 on CD only. In their humble start, the band can be described as a mixture of the psychedelic space rock akin to Hawkwind and the heaviness and darkness of early Black Sabbath. At the time of release, they had done a lot of demos and were very active as a live band in the Trondheim area. Their rehearsal space was located at the club house of Hells Angels in Trondheim, which the police didn’t like as several of the members was semi-pro ski jumping athletes, and sport and Hells Angels wasn’t a good mix.

Far Out in Aradabia re-mastered edition

The second release from Arabs in Aspic was “Far Out in Aradabia”, which was released in 2004 on CD only. With this second album, the songwriting became bolder and more adventurous, and they even enlisted a keyboard player to the band. The musical inspirations became broader as well, and here they really started venturing into the land of progressive rock. The last track was a studio jam where they played for 65 minutes and edited it down to 19 minutes. This was also the first album they used Julia Proszowzka to do the artwork, who they’ve worked with ever since.

After “Far Out in Aradabia”, the band played quite a lot of shows and also recruited Hammond virtuous Stig Arve Jørgensen on keys and backing vocals after seeing him perform “Hocus Pocus” by Focus. Hence, the new material became more technical and more progressive again, and in many ways the third album, “Strange Frame of Mind”, from 2010 is the link between early Arabs in Aspic and the band we know today. The band overall changed a lot, and they had a hiatus for a couple of years. Erik Paulsen joined in on bass, and the sound changed to a more progressive and classic 70s style.

Strange Frame of Mind re-mastered edition

The album “Strange Frame of Mind” was recorded at Studio Studio, run by TNT guitarist Ronnie Le Tekrø, but they were never pleased with the album mastering. Therefore, the album has been re-mastered by Jacob Holm-Lupo. This one has been out of print for a long time, and finally here’s a proper re-release. Enjoy!

Madness and Magic (2020)

“Madness and Magic”, their 6th album, builds on where they left on “Syndenes Magi”, showcasing the acoustic side of the band more without losing any of their heaviness. This is evident in the fact that “Madness and Magic” is their first album written and recorded with two unique drummers.

About the lyrical themes, the band says:

“The lyrics of “Madness and Magic” reflect on how easily both children and adults are affected in the digital age, but also how helpless we are when we have to put our lives in the hands of specialists. Many ideas came up after a brief meeting with Doctor Death. The message of “Madness and Magic” is up to the listener to decide. Because you are capable of thinking for yourself, right?”

The new album from Arabs in Aspic takes the listener for a journey through life’s “Madness and Magic”, both musically and lyrically, and what an awesome journey it is!

“This is another one of the best albums of the year. Arabs in Aspic has captured a great throwback sound, with unique and interesting lyrics. The music definitely rises to the level of the music of ‘70s prog, they are inspired to emulate. Well crafted art that has caught me as a fan. Please get this album and play it with headphones to appreciate every note.”

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