Caravela Escarlate

Caravela Escarlate is a Brazilian symphonic prog band, founded in Rio de Janeiro in 2011.

“Caravela Escarlate” is their second album, originally self-released in Brazil in 2017, and is a big step forward from their debut “Raschuno”. Where the debut was more acoustic, “Caravela Escarlate” is way more keyboard-driven, classic prog rock.

The album is heavily inspired by both English and Italian 70’s prog, but also by traditional and popular Brazilian music, which makes their music quite special.

Fans of keyboard trios like ELP, Trace or Triumvirat will love tracks like “Planeta-Estrela” and “Atmosfera”, and fans of symphonic prog (especially the 70s retro style) should definitely check this out.

David Paiva: Bass, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Vocals

Ronaldo Rodrigues: Keyboards

Elcio Cáfaro: Drums

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Caravela Escarlate


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