Fatal Fusion

Fatal Fusion

Hailing from Oslo, Norway, Fatal Fusion’s lineup comprises Erlend Engebretsen on Keyboards, Lasse Lie on Bass, Audun Engebretsen on Drums/Percussion, Stig Selnes on Guitar, and Knut Grøntvedt on Vocals. Unusually, the band not only utilizes the standard rock instruments used by bands today, but they also make use of “classical” rock instruments such as vintage synths, mellotron and hammond organ, which gives Fatal Fusion its distinctive sound.

Their latest album release “Total Absence”, shows a darker and more epic side of Fatal Fusion, a band that pays homage to the progressive rock bands from the 70´s, whilst, at the same time aiming to create its own unique sound, by blending in elements from different musical genres like hard rock, classical music, metal, blues, jazz, psychedelia, and Latin.

Line up

Knut Erik Grøntvedt – Vocal

Erlend Engebretsen – Keyboard

Stig Selnes – Guitar

Lasse Lie – Bass

Audun Engebretsen – Dums & Percussion

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