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Magic Pie has become a household name for prog fans around the world with their blend of classic prog and 70’s hard rock inspired by bands such as Dream Theater, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Deep Purple, Yes, etc.

Fronted by band leader and guitar maestro Kim Stenberg, the band are known for their epic, energetic, melodic and sometimes heavy  prog rock with splendid vocal harmonies and great musicianship.

Fragments of the 5th Element is Magic Pie’s long awaited 5th album, made up from 5 tracks showcasing the band’s very diverse influences. On this record, they have tried to steer clear of the sterile perfection which modern prog bands have a tendency to get caught up in – and have gone for a slightly more unpolished sound, a bit rough in the edges. A little more ‘bite’.

From the bombastic and genre-defying opener “The Man Who Had It All” to the epic 23 minute album closed “The Hedonist”, this album has Magic Pie firing on all cylinders! It’s safe to say that it has definitely been worth the wait.

– Motions of Desire (2005)
– Circus Of Life (2007)
– The Suffering Joy (2011)
– King for a Day (2015)
– Fragments of the 5th Element (2019)

Kim Stenberg – Guitar

Eirikur Hauksson – Vocal

Erling Henanger – Keyboard

Lars Petter Holstad – Bass

Karisma Records –

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