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Rhys Marsh

Rhys Marsh, based in Trondheim, Norway, is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist & producer. He’s a solo artist, leader of The Autumn Ghost, as well as a part of Kaukasus & Mandala.

“October After All”, a beautiful and atmospheric prog album, touching in on both alternative rock and jazz elements.

The album features contributions from Arve Henriksen on trumpet and Kåre Kolve on saxophone, as well as a choir which includes the talents of Rohey, Silje Leirvik, Anders Bjermeland and Tim Bowness.

About the new songs, Rhys say: “I try to approach every album from a different angle, to give it its own identity. When I was writing this album, I was very inspired by music from the mid- to late-seventies, especially songs that had string synthesizers in place of Mellotrons. And of course, the drum sounds from that era, which I absolutely love. These songs were all written after I got married and our son was born, so for the first time, on any album really, I let the songs be reflections of specific events.”

“October After All” is a diverse atmospheric prog rock album, that takes us from the tender and melodic “Golden Lullabies”, the rough and pathos driven “Let it be Known!” to the upbeat yet dynamic “The Summer Days”.

Marsh, born in London, but now living in Trondheim, Norway, began his career in 2008, and, over the next five years released three studio albums and one live album under the name of Rhys Marsh and the Autumn Ghost. His debut solo album, “Sentiment”, was released in the autumn of 2014, which was followed by “The Black Sun Shining”.  “October After All” is his debut on Karisma Records.

His third solo album “October After All” was released Karisma Records on February 22nd 2019.

“These songs are tinged with melancholy, yet paradoxically uplifting. October After All is concise and arguably more purposeful than previous works. Where some of Rhys Marsh’s albums have been bursting to the seams with varied instrumentation, it would seem in October After All, if he hadn’t already done so, Rhys Marsh has found his sound.”

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