Ruphus is widely regarded as one of the flagships in Norwegian progressive music.

A band that through its first lifetime from 1970 to 1981 had more members than a football team, and developed from playing hard, progressive rock to becoming a leader in jazz rock.

Karisma Records started in 2019 to re-release the entire six-album back catalogue of the ’70’s Norwegian Prog legends RUPHUS. All the albums are re-mastered by Jacob Holm-Lupo, who is working with new digital transfers from the original master tapes which are stored in the Norwegian National Archives for posterity.

The first release was the band’s debut album “New Born Day”, which was later followed by “Ranshart”, “Let Your Light Shine”, “Inner Voice”, “Flying Colours” and “Manmade”.

Throughout their first incarnation, which lasted from 1970 to 1981, RUPHUS developed from playing hard, progressive rock, to becoming one of the leaders in the jazz rock genre, whilst fielding a lineup that contained more members than a football team.

Originally released in 1973, “New Born Day” is widely regarded as one of the best albums to have
emerged from the Norwegian Prog scene. The lineup on “New Born Days” featured seven members, of whom only Kjell Larsen (guitar) and Asle Nilsen (bass, flute) would go on to play on all of RUPHUS’ albums between then and 1981.

“Ruphus’ music is very much of its time, rooted in the Seventies, but Jacob’s remastering has given it a new lease of life and fresh sound. In fact, I think, this album would stand up if it were made today, albeit with the intention of creating a retro sound.”

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