Seigmen, founded in Tønsberg in 1989, is one of Norway’s greatest and most recognized rock bands of all time. During their heyday in the 1990, they released 5 classic albums: Pluto (1992), Ameneon (1993), Total (1994), Metropolis (1995) and Radiowaves (1997).

In close cooperation with the band, Karisma Records is re-releasing these five gems – both on CD, and on vinyl for the very first time!

The albums have been remastered, and Total, Metropolis and Radiowaves are expanded to 2LP versions, containing selected B-sides as bonus tracks.

We’re also releasing a very limited vinyl box set, which will also contain a 36 page booklet, a Seigmen slipmat and a bonus CD with 76 minutes of unreleased music, demos and outtakes.

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Pluto is the first release from legendary Norwegian rock band Seigmen.
 Called “an epiphany” by the Norwegian music press, Seigmen took the Norwegian underground by storm in 1992. The five tracks are heavy, repetative and melancholic, with brooding and sinister lyrics. Originally self-released by the band, this 5 track mini album was soon re-released by Sony after a skyrocketing demand. Seigmen created their own niche, with doomy and grungy riffs, adventures, soul searching and lyrics about symbolism, philosophy and religion – and they quickly became Norway’s biggest alternative rock band.

Ameneon is the second album from legendary Norwegian rock band Seigmen.
Originally released in 1993, this was lightyears away from what most Norwegian rock bands were doing. The band themselves called their music “Massive Plutonic Gothcore”, a description that still seems fitting for this album.
Originally slated for self-release, Ameneon was quickly snapped up by Sony Music Norway after they heard the massive track Mesusah on a compilation CD – a song that is still essential to any Seigmen concert to this day.

Seigmen’s Total album was a landmark for all of Norwegian rock. Produced by the legendary Sylvia Massy, the album is a sonic masterpiece – with a super clear and rock steady rhythm section, highlighting the signature sounds of bass player Kim Ljung and drummer Noralf Ronthi – inspired by Massy’s previous work on Tool’s Undertow album. 

Adding Marius Roth and Sverre Økshoff doing dueling delay guitars, with Alex Møklebust’s haunting vocals on top, this is a very special piece of Norwegian melancholy alternative rock. Long out of print, and never issued on vinyl, this album is a must-have for fans of mid 90’s alternative rock, or Norwegian rock in general.

Metropolis was the breakthrough album from Seigmen – Norway’s biggest rock band in the 90s.
 Led by the now legendary title track, both the album and single went gold almost immediately, and the band’s popularity flew through the roof seemingly overnight. Inspired by, amongst other things, Fritz Lang’s iconic movie of the same name, the album and following tours cemented Seigmen’s role as Norway’s biggest and best live band. The album has been long out of print, and has never been issued on vinyl before – so any fans of mid 90’s alternative rock should check this out.

Radiowaves was the last album from legendary Norwegian rock band Seigmen in their first lifetime – before disbanding in 1999 and reuniting 6 years later. It was a very controversial album at the time, due a distinct change in both the band’s image and sound – and English lyrics! The Norwegian mass audience couldn’t quite wrap their heads around it – but it has long been a fan favourite, and the epic album opener “Performance Alpha” is still a staple in their live sets.

Band photo: Bjørn Opsahl

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