Seigmen, founded in Tønsberg in 1989, is one of Norway’s greatest and most recognized rock bands of all time. During their heyday in the 1990, they released 5 classic albums: Pluto (1992), Ameneon (1993), Total (1994), Metropolis (1995) and Radiowaves (1997).

In close cooperation with the band, we’re re-releasing these five gems – both on CD, and on vinyl for the very first time. The albums have been remastered, and Total, Metropolis and Radiowaves are expanded to 2LP versions, containing selected B-sides as bonus tracks.

We’re also releasing a very limited vinyl box set, which will also contain a 36 page booklet, a Seigmen slipmat and a bonus CD with 76 minutes of unreleased music, demos and outtakes.

Band photo: Bjørn Opsahl


Alex Møklebust – Vocals
Kim Ljung – Bass & vocals
Sverre Økshoff – Guitars
Marius Roth Christensen – Guitars & vocals
Noralf Ronthi – Drums

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