Seven Impale

Seven Impale

Since the release of SEVEN IMPALE’s 2016 album “Contrapasso”, a lot of things have happened in the lives of the band’s members. Some of those things, like having kids and finishing your education, are the sort of things that happen to most people. Others, like Vocalist/Guitarist Stian graduating from the Grieg Academy as an opera singer and launching an international career, and Keyboard player Håkon joining ENSLAVED, are a little less run of the mill

But, throughout these eventful seven years, SEVEN IMPALE was kept simmering in the background, and now, the long-awaited third full-length album is ready to make its very welcome appearance. Titled “SUMMIT”, the album will be released on Karisma Records on the 26th May, but in the meantime, fans can remind themselves of what they have been missing with a track from the album. “IKAROS”, the single from this album can already now be heard wherever you buy or listen your music.

“SUMMIT” features SEVEN IMPALE’S distinctive style which blends jazz and progressive rock with more heavy influences. By limiting itself to four juggernaut tracks, and coming in at close to 45 minutes, “SUMMIT” doesn’t leave behind the madness of “City of the Sun” and “Contrapasso”, but rather gives the music and lyrics the space and time needed to captivate and dazzle its listeners

“In many ways, Summit is both clever and thoughtful but also filled with magnificently mad and charmingly bonkers ideas that constitute a most pleasing and enjoyable listening experience. Welcome back, guys.”

Eternal Terror

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