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Emerging from the Norwegian underground rock scene, Tiebreaker grew to become one the finest rock bands of the country until they split up in 2017.

Playing more than 200 performances since 2013, this band has taken their industrial heritage of hard work to the greater music scene. With high-energy shows, the band has established a solid live reputation in their wake. Tiebreaker has shared stage with Deep Purple, The Vintage Caravan, Dumdum Boys, Kvelertak, Skambankt and many more. In 2013 they played eleven shows in 9 days at SXSW, and repeated the success in 2014!

The band released their debut album, “We Come from the Mountains”, in 2014 on their own label in Norway, which Karisma Records are releasing internationally now. “Death Tunes” is a blend of high-octane melodic riffing spiced up with a dash of bluesy melancholy. Served straight from the heart. No compromising, no reading between the lines, all blood and soul. “Death Tunes” is the follow up to Tiebreaker’s 2014 debut “We Come from the Mountains”, which was released internationally through Karisma Records in 2015. Written in the confinement of a small cabin on the west coast of Norway, ?Death Tunes? was recorded in Oslo late 2015. With producer Bjarte Lund Rolland, songwriter and guitarist for Kvelertak at the helm, he put the band to the challenge. It consists of 10 songs which straddle a wide musical range from the hard-hitting, ultra-catchy opener “Hell”, to the bluesy “Pan American Grindstone”, from the epic “Anywhere but here”, to the mellow closer “Heavy Lifting”.

Tiebreaker’s lineup of Thomas Espeland Karlsen on vocals, Eirik Wik Haug and Olav Areklett Vikingstad on guitars, Patrick Andersson on bass and Pål Gunnar Dale on drums create a sound that blends classic 70’s rock with today’s dirty rock and blues style and a pinch of prog thrown into the mix. A perfect fit for Karisma Records growing roster of top notch bands.

Thomas Espeland Karlsen – Vocal

Eirik Wik Haug – Guitar

Olav Vikingstad – Guitar

Patrick Andersson – Bass

Pål Gunnar Dale – Drums

Karisma Records – post@karismarecords.no


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