Tusmørke is a psychedelic, progressive folk rock band from Skien, Norway, playing music inspired by the international bronze age, local myth, paradolia and stargazing.

When they’re not writing 26-minute songs about The Black Death, they like to express themselves through concept albums about Danish Iron Age swamp mummies and abstract theories of light (and darkness). And the occational Children’s album, on which they deal with relatively grown-up topics like urban wildlife, the financial crisis, social issues, global warming, occultism, and good and bad magic.

All very mind-blowing, but Tusmørke are not afraid of anyone or anything – not even bafflingly complex theories of existence. They gladly tackle, grapple and wrestle with ideas they barely comprehend, yet keenly perceive to be significant.

Tusmørke - Tøyens hemmelighet (Official Video)

Benediktator – Vocals, bass, acoustic guitars, glockenspiel, jaw harp

Krizla – Vocals, flute and electronics

HlewagastiR – Drums & percussion

Haugebonden – Keybords & Synths

Karisma Records – post@karismarecords.no


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