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If there is one band who has captured the sound of the golden age of Progressive Rock (1969 – 1975) without sounding regressive or copycat, it is the Norwegian band Wobbler. The band has always had an energetic and youthful approach to the classic prog era, and has managed to blow new life into the genre.

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Wobbler´s fifth offering is an exciting blend of carefully planned and jammed material that encompasses everything the band has done up to now. Dwellers of the Deep consists of four distinctive pieces and is a broad looking glass into Wobbler´s creative whims and playful exuberance. The album showcases the band´s mastery of dynamics and flow, with passages and themes veering from the scenic and serene to the downright rocking. On the final track, Wobbler is in full blast, with a 19 minutes suite taking the listener through aspects of the darker sides of Wobbler´s sound.

The lyrical themes on the album deals with human emotion, and the ongoing struggle between juxtaposed forces within the psyche. An introspective voyage among the realms of memories, feelings and instincts, where the light is brighter, and the dark is darker. The concepts of wonder, longing and desperation permeate the histories told, and the currents from the deep are ever-present.

The production is open, detailed, warm and punchy, making the soundscape put together by the now seasoned sound alchemist Lars Fredrik Frøislie to an aural feast. New musical directions further the quintet’s burgeoning aural idiosyncrasies and solidify the band stature as one of the most exciting and interesting bands on the global music scene, independent of genre.

Wobbler is Norway’s leading symphonic prog band, formed in Hønefoss in 1999.

Classic prog influences (Gentle Giant, Yes, King Crimson, Museo Rosenbach, Genesis, PFM and so on) and a vast array of vintage sounds. Features members of Tusmørke, White Willow, The Chronicles of Father Robin and ex-Jaga Jazzist.

Highly regarded by prog connoisseurs across the globe, Wobbler has an extensive fanbase in Scandinavia, Europe and North-America. They’ve previously released three highly acclaimed albums.

“Wobbler has really outdone themselves once again and produced an absolute masterpiece. With Rites at Dawn, the band found a lot of praise, but it is this new album that puts them right at the forefront of the genre. With four wonderful songs and a mature sound, Wobbler deserves a lot of credit for the use of analogue equipment and classic, progressive elements. This album will be on a lot of “best of” lists at the end of the year. It surely will be on mine. And that’s a promise I will love to keep!”

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