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Not only is ARIBAG guitarist BJØRN RIIS releasing a debut solo album, but he has also drawn the artwork that will be used for the cover, aided and abetted by AIRBAG frontman ASLE TORSTRUP who designed the cover.

Lullabies in a Car Crash
Titled “Lullabies in a Car Crash”, the album is set for an Autumn release on Karisma Records, who recently debuted RIIS track “Stay Calm”, which can be heard at SoundCloud.

According to RIIS, “Lullabies in a Car Crash”, which will be co-produced by long-time AIRBAG collaborator Vegard Sleipnes and will feature AIRBAG’s Henrik Fossum on drums and Tostrup who will provide programming, is very much a personal album. Like many musicians who work in established bands, a solo album is an opportunity to explore different musical directions that might not necessarily fit in with their primary band’s material. It is an exploration that RIIS very much relishes, and he considers that some of the material he has produced for “Lullabies in a Car Crash” is some of his best to date.

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