Prog Rock Sales Campaign

We continue our summer sale campaign and this week we focus on some of our prog rock bands.

In just a week, on June 19th, the new Airbag album, “A Day at the Beach” will be released. Airbag is probably the biggest band on Karisma Records, and in many ways, they moved to label to become a more specialized progressive rock label. Before the release of “Identity” in 2009, there had been quite a few different styles, genres and bands released on Karisma Records, and only releases from bands like Circles End and Gallery that were connected to the progressive rock genre. Airbag was introduced to the label via a journalist from Norway Rock Magazine, who had gotten the bands demo, “Sounds That I Hear” for review. This demo was given to the label because of their fondness for progressive music, and the band got quickly picked up. “Identity” was more or less born out of Airbags two demo releases, and it became quite a success. And Karisma Records changed their focus to the prog rock genre full time. The four first Airbag albums are of course in this campaign for you pleasure, along with the 3 solo albums and the mini-album from Airbags co-founder, song writer and guitarist Bjørn Riis. To keep up with the Airbag connection, we include the 2nd album from Oak, “False Memory Archive”, as some members have been used as the live band for Bjørn Riis solo and Airbag.

A band that stylistically isn’t too far removed from Airbag, is the cousin duo in the band Ossicles. Their debut album, “Mantelpiece”, got a praise from Steven Wilson himself, and Karisma Records ended up re-releasing said album and the follow up “Music for Wastelands”.

Another big name on Karisma Records is Magic Pie, who got signed on their 4th album, “King for a Day”. They might be a bit heavier that most bands on the label, but they do deliver some real quality progressive and classic rock. We re-released their 3 first albums, both on cd and for the first time on vinyl too. Last year, their fifth album, “Fragments of the 5th Element”, was released, and all these titles are in this campaign.

A band that is not too far in style from Magic Pie, is Fatal Fusion, who also plays great progressive and classic rock. The first album released by Karisma Records was “The Ancient Tale” in 2013, which was well received by the fans, and we continued three years later with “Total Absence”. Now, the band is getting ready with a new album, soon out through our friends over at Apollon Records.

Too keep up on the heavy progressive side, we include the debut album, “Solar Storm”, from the prog metal band Rendezvous Point. If you haven’t heard the band yet, you definitely know their drummer, Baard Kolstad, who also plays in Leprous among others.

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