Tusmørke - Nordisk Krim

Psychedelic prog folk rockers Tusmørke fulfil long-standing dream with new album.

They’re back. Norway’s most unique and anarchic Psychedelic Folk Rock Proggers TUSMØRKE are back with a brand new album.  And not just any album because “Nordisk Krim” is the fulfilment of a dream as old as TUSMØRKE itself.

Tusmørke - Nordisk Krim

As the band explains:

When we formed in 1994, there was a plan to record a concept album about Danish bog bodies. As children, we visited the museums of Moesgaard and Silkeborg, transfixed by the sight of the black bodies with orange hair. Shortly after, we discovered heavy metal. Funny how you can love a genre from the age of 7 and still never learn how to play it.

Or, to quote Philip K. Dick’s “The Man in the High Castle”:

“Metal is from the earth, he thought as he scrutinized. From below: from that realm which is the lowest, the most dense. Land of trolls and caves, dank, always dark. Yin world, in its most melancholy aspect. World of corpses, decay and collapse. Of faeces. All that has died, slipping and disintegrating back down layer by layer. The daemonic world of the immutable; the time-that-was.” 

The title Nordisk Krim (Nordic Crime) refers to the fact that the bog bodies were first thought to be a police matter. In reality, the true crime was disturbing the gifts to the gods in their slumber. Nordisk Krim celebrates the willing victims of ancient rites, those whose bodies are in the bog but whose souls are among the stars in the heavens.

So get ready for a taste of this epic double album because today Karisma Records have released “Age of Iron Man” a single and video taken from the album.  

KAR200S Tusmoerke age of ironman Psychedelic prog folk rockers Tusmørke fulfil long-standing dream with new album.

The “Age of Iron Man” single can be streamed or downloaded at: https://karismarecords.fanlink.to/ageofironman

Whilst the video can be seen here.

The band had this to say about “Age of Iron Man”

Age of Iron Man celebrates ancient rites of pagan Denmark. Elite members  of society would travel to the world of the gods beyond the bog, never  to return. Or would they? Killed thrice by knife, blunt instrument and  rope, submerged in sacred ponds, the bog bodies slept through the  centuries, skin tanned black, hair dyed orange. When they were dug up,  police sought their killers, only to realize they were 1500 years too  late. 

For Norwegians, Denmark has always been the  promised land; a place of plenty, of freedom, of rock’n’roll and red  hotdogs. Denmark manages to be the smaller country and yet the older  brother; hip, cool and always closer to Germany than, say Sweden. The  sacrificial cult of the goddess Nerthus was documented by the travelling  historian Gaius Tacitus in 98 and has had a strong pull on Norwegian  minds ever since. To go to Denmark and lose your worries, your  inhibitions and your head is a trip that never gets old.

The lineup on “Nordisk Krim”  includes  Benediktator (bass & vocals), Krizla (flute & vocals), HlewagastiR (drums), Haugebonden Gode Gullstein (keys) and Åsa Ree (violin), Everything was recorded and produced in Benedikator’s home studio (Det Ytre Rommet), except field recordings and some bubble noises recorded in the bathtub (The Bubble Bath of Blood).


With artwork by Anne Margrete Sjøflot, track listing on “Nordisk Krim”, which is a double concept album coming in at a whopping 82 minutes is as follows:

  1. Ride the Whimbrel
  2. Age of Iron Man
  3. Mumia
  4. Cauldron Bog
  5. Dog’s Flesh
  6. Moss Goddess
  7. Black Incubation
  8. Et Moselik
  9. Heksejakt
  10. (The Marvellous and Murderous) Mysteries of Sacrifice

“Nordisk Krim” is set for release on the 26th February 2021, will be available in Double CD, and Double LP in transparent magenta vinyl (limited to 666 copies) as well as in Digital formats.  It can be pre-ordered at:
Karisma Webshop
Tusmørke Bandcamp
Karisma Webshop USA

More information about TUSMØRKE can be found on the band’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Tusmorke/

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/Tusmorke/
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Promo and other information: post@karismarecords.no
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