Karisma Records release the three first albums from ARABS IN ASPIC, a band that has been in the forefront of 70’s inspired progressive rock and proto-hard rock in Norway for the past fifteen years.  The three re-releases in question will be “Progeria”, “Far Out in Aradabia” and “Strange Frame of Mind”, all of which will be available in CD and Digital formats on June 18th 2021, and a little later on Black Vinyl and Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl formats (estimated release in August 2021).

The albums have not been available for a long time. Now the albums have been re-mastered by Jacob Holm-Lupo (White Willow, Opium Cartel), and are finally here as proper re-releases. Enjoy!


Arabs in aspic - Progeria vinyl

2003’s mini-album “Progeria”, was released as a CD only, and was the first outing for ARABS IN ASPIC, which, at this point was as a mixture of the psychedelic space rock akin to Hawkwind, and the heaviness and darkness of early Black Sabbath. At the time of “Progeria’s” release the band had released several demo and was very active in the live scene in the Trondheim area. Their rehearsal space was located in the Hells Angels club house in Trondheim, much to the consternation of the local police!

Far Out In Aradabia

Arabs In Aspic - Far Out In Aradabia vinyl

Released in 2004, again in CD only, “Far Out In Aradabia”  saw ARABS IN ASPIC becoming bolder and more adventurous with their song writing sound. Having enlisted a keyboard player, the band’s musical inspirations had become broader as well, and ARABS IN ASPIC started to venture more into the realms of progressive rock. It is interesting to note that the last track on the album was a 65 minute studio jam, which was eventually edited down to 19 minutes. “Far Out In Aradabia” was also the first album on which Julia Proszowzka did the artwork, and she has worked with the band ever since.

Strange Frame of Mind

Arabs In Aspic - Strange Frame Of Mind Vinyl

By the time “Strange Frame of Mind” appeared as a CD in 2010, ARABS IN ASPIC had recruited Hammond virtuoso Stig Arve Jørgensen on keys and backing vocals after seeing him perform FOCUS’ “Hocus Pocus”!  “Strange Frame of Mind” is very much an album that serves as a bridge between early ARABS IN ASPIC, and the band they are today.

Exclusive vinyl box set

In addition to the individual re-re releases of each of the three albums, Karisma Records will also be releasing a Limited Edition LP box set titled “I-III”. Aside from all three of the albums in an exclusive “Aspic” coloured vinyl, the box will include a slip mat and a 12 page booklet with stories and photos from the early days of ARAB IN ASPIC.

Arabs In Aspic vinyl box set

All three albums and the box set (which is limited to 300 copies) will hit the streets on the 18 June, are now available to order or pre-order from:

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Karisma Records stand with Ukraine!

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