Album details, video and single reveal from upcoming Monstereo album.

With the 17th September set for the release of MONSTEREO’s latest studio outing, Karisma Records have revealed details of “In the Hollow of a Wave”, the third full-length album the Bergen Rockers.

Known for over a decade as a band that serves up energetic rock songs, MONSTEREO have come up with an album that is by far their heaviest to date, with a sound that is richer and broader than anything they have ever produced. With more keyboards, synths, and a variety of guitars, “In the Hollow of a Wave” is, according to the band, an album of filled with “teeth-grinding riffs, big choruses and rock-solid grooves”.

Monstereo - A Sudden Rush single

And, as of today, fans get their first taste of “In the Hollow of a Wave”, with the release of “A Sudden Rush” the first single from the album, which, according to MONSTEREO, is: 

An all out, in-your-face rock and roll banger. Perfect for a late summer night drenched in beer and drunken conversations, or a 50/50 strawberry daquiri at a music festival. This is a classic 1970s rock tune, with blazing guitars and a speaker-ripping groove. A homage to legends such as AC/DC and Grand Funk Railroad, topped with a smidge of inspiration from local produce in Bergen’s Electric Eye and The Megaphonic Thrift

“A Sudden Rush” is available to download or stream from a variety of services at

Whilst a video for “A Sudden Rush” can be seen here:

MONSTEREO’s  lineup consistis of Ola Utaaker Segadal on lead vocals and electric guitars, Øyvind Aase Fluge on electric guitars, Jørgen Stangeland Bach on Bass guitar, and Jon Bolstad on Drums. Together  they have come up with an album whose tracks represent the best of two worlds and  is filled with MONSTEREO’s trademark catchy melodies, heavy riffs and a big sound, which combine  with exploratory instrumental sections to  build towards a euphoric climax.  

Monstereo - In the hollow of a wave CD

With artwork by Robert Høyem, track listing for “In the Hollow of a Wave” is as follows:

  1. Third Eye Seeing
  2. A Sudden Rush
  3. Wings I: Everlasting Darkness
  4. Jigsaw
  5. Witness
  6. Wings II: Beyond Horizons
  7. Wings III: Icarus
  8. Golden

“In the Hollow of a Wave” will be available in CD (17 Sep), Vinyl (17 Nov) and Digital (17 Sep) formats, and can now be pre-ordered at:
Monstereo Bandcamp
Karisma Records Webshop
Karisma Records US Webshop

More  information about MONSTEREO can be found on the band’s Facebook page at, or on their website at 

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