Karisma Records to release limited edition repress of latest album from alternative pop orchestra Meer.

Following on from the hugely successful release at the beginning of last year of “Playing House”, the second full-length album from the Alternative Pop Orchestra MEER, Karisma Records found themselves selling out of the vinyl version in record time.  

With fans still clamouring for an LP, the label has decided to release a new Limited Edition vinyl re-press of “Playing House”, which has appeared in multiple “Best Of 2021” lists. Strictly limited to 500 copies, the re-press of “Playing House” will be available as a Red Vinyl Double LP. Set for release on the March 25 it is now available to pre-order from: (US webshop)

Meer - Playing House vinyl

To celebrate the upcoming release, MEER have released a live video of the band performing the track “Beehive”, which can be seen here:

It is a track about which the band had this to say:

Beehive has been a long-time favourite on our live sets, and we love how the album version turned out. It’s sensual, chaotic, powerful and definitely one of our most hard hitting songs. The cinematic strings, heavy guitars and arpeggiated synthesizers create a suggestive drive over which Johanne gets to belt her heart out. We often work together composing as a collective, and for “Beehive” drummer Mats came up with the opening piano riff and then the rest of the band  added new parts, hooks and lyrics to it on several jams and rehearsals. We are thrilled to finally share this powerhouse with you!

With artwork by Helena Haglund and Simen Skar, “Playing House” was Recorded at Ocean Sound Recording and Tanken, with producer Lars Gärtner Fremmerlid (EINAR STRAY ORCHESTRA) at the helm. Tracklisting for “Playing House”, which is also available in CD and Digital formats, is as follows:

1. Picking Up the Pieces
2. Beehive
3. All at Sea
4. Songs of Us
5. Child
6. You were a Drum
7. Honey
8. Across the Ocean
9. She Goes
10. Where do We Go from Here?
11. Lay it Down

Vinyl only bonus track:

12. Here I Go Again (Whitesnake cover)


Formed back in 2008 MEER was, at that time, simply a duo known as TED GLEN EXTENDED, but the band has now expanded its lineup to become a veritable orchestra whose eight members include Johanne Kippersund on vocals, Knut Kippersund on vocals, Eivind Strømstad on guitar, Åsa Ree on violin, Ingvild Nordstoga Eide on viola, Ole Gjøstøl on keyboards, Morten Strypet on bass and Mats Lillehaug on drums.  

With such a large lineup, it was inevitable that a variety of styles and influences would find their way into MEER’s material, creating a sound that is an eclectic mix of orchestral pop, classical music and progressive rock. It is a massive sound comprised of  fantastic melodies and harmonies, not to mention quite a few surprises along the way.

More information about MEER can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

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