Jordsjo band Karisma Records plans two November releases from prog rockers Jordsjø.

Karisma Records plans two November releases from prog rockers Jordsjø.

With a stellar reputation on the Oslo Prog Scene, and their 2021 third full-length album winning them plaudits and introducing them to a much wider audience, Norwegian duo JORDSJØ will be back in November with two new releases courtesy of Karisma Records.

Whilst not exactly new material, with one having had only a very limited release, and the other having undergone a substantial “refresh” and expansion, ”Nattfiolen Suite” and ”Jord Sessions” will come as a welcome, and worthy, addition to the JORDSJØ ‘s catalogue.  

Originally written and recorded for JORDSJØ’s second full-length album “Nattfiolen” the ”Nattfiolen Suite” was a lengthy, virtually stand-alone piece, that proved to be much too long to fit on the album itself, and, as a consequence, was solely released digitally on Bandcamp. However, such was its popularity that there has been a growing demand for a physical release of ”Nattfiolen Suite”. And Karisma Records is happy to oblige with the release of a 10″ gold vinyl edition, which will be strictly limited to 300 copies. 

Jordsjø - Nattfiolens Suite vinyl

Fans of JORDSJØ who don’t have the means to play vinyl will not need to feel disappointed though, because ”Nattfiolen Suite” will be available as a bonus track on the CD version of the ”Jord Sessions” release.  

With artwork by Sindre Foss Skancke, tracklisting on ”Nattfiolen Suite” is as follows:

1. Nattfiolen Suite (part 1)

2. Nattfiolen Suite (part 2)

 “Jord” was considered by the band to be their first “proper” album, because, up until its release, JORDSJØ had only produced homemade tapes, which they sold to friends and a few die-hard collectors. Its release is what really drew fans attention to the band, not only within Norway itself, but also world-wide. However, JORDSJØ had never been happy with the mixes the band explains:

When “Jord “came out in early 2017, it was a different time for us. This was to date our fourth release and what would be our first proper album. Up until that point, we only sold our 50 homemade tapes to friends and a few die-hard collectors, but “Jord” got us a bigger audience, also outside Norway. The mixing was done badly and also with the intent of only a tape release, so we thought it deserved a refreshed look and the inclusion of  the other songs that had been recorded on the same weekend in the summer of 2016. Hence, the «Jord Sessions». 

Jordsjø band

”Jord Sessions” has been re-mixed from scratch and, aside from a new organ track on «Abstraksjoner..» and some bells and percussion on «Valinors Lamper», all other tracks on ”Jord Sessions” remain true to the originals. Its underlying theme of alienation, roots and dreams gives “Jord Sessions” an organic and dynamic sound reminiscent of ’70s prog. With traces of electronic music and folk and the use of flute, guitars and a vast array of vintage synths “Jord Sessions” has a warm, vintage sound that still manages to sound fresh and interesting.

Jordsjø - Jord Sessions LP

”Jord Sessions” will be available in CD, Digital and Limited Edition Red Vinyl formats, and with artwork by Sindre Foss Skancke, tracklisting is as follows:

01. Over Vidda

02. Abstraksjoner fra et Dunkelt Kammer

03. Jord I

04. I Momos Trädgård

05. La meg forsvinne

06. Jord II

07. Se Valinors Lamper

08. Nattfiolen Suite (CD only)

Both ”Nattfiolen Suite” and ”Jord Sessions” will be available on Karisma Records on the 25th November, and are now available to pre-order from: (EU webshop) (US webshop) (Pre-save)

By melding Progressive rock with interesting melodies, and giving the whole a Folk-inspired twist JORDSJØ’s lineup of multi instrumentalist Håkon Oftung (TUSMØRKE, BLACK MAGIC) and drummer Kristian Frøland pay reverence to the traditions of the best of last centuries’ Nordic Prog Rock whilst giving it their own individual take.  

More information about JORDSJØ can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

A video of JORDSJØ live in concert at Salt in Oslo in 2021 can be seen here:

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