Karisma Records reveals third single from psychedelic prog folk rockers Tusmørke’s upcoming album.

You rarely, if ever, get Prog albums aimed at children, but then along came TUSMØRKE, a band that has never been overly concerned with what is, and what is not, the norm, with not one, but three such albums – the third “Intetnett” due for release on Karisma Records on the 7th October.

As you would expect from a children’s album “Intetnett” has a very definite story line, and in it TUSMØRKE regale us with the adventures that ensue  when  two evil scientists plant a self-teaching system called Intetnett onto the computers of an unsuspecting school.  Intetnett then proceeds to use electronic impulses to take control of an ant colony that lives in the school kitchen. The system soon jumps from the ants to human hosts, taking over the minds of both pupils and teachers.  

Tusmørke - Intetnett CD

But every adventure has its heroes, quite often a group of misfits who,  in this case, happen to be one of the teachers who is a technophobe, a substitute teacher who does not yet have the necessary login info to access the computers, and a small group of pupils.

And now you can get another insight into the somewhat anarchic world of the Norwegian Prog Folk Rockers TUSMØRKE with the release of a third single taken from “Intetnett”. The track, “Kunstig uintelligens”, or  “Artificial Unintelligence”, can be downloaded or streamed from a number of services at link.karismarecords.no/Tusmorke_Kunstig-Uintelligens

Tusmørke - Kunstig Uintelligens single

Commenting on the track, the band had this to say:

Are we happier now that we create avatars to simulate perfect lives and share doctored images of fake non-events online in order for these signs to be consumed by another simulacrum out there in the cold, vast cyberspace? Of course we are! What’s not to like and share?

Written for, and first performed at, the Aktivitetsskolen Nordstrand, the album is actually comprised of  two original musicals – “Intetnett” and “Når Enden er Golem” and will quite possible be the band’s final children’s release. It was recorded  at Det Ytre Rommet, Holy Space! and the Nordstrand Skole by a lineup that includes Benediktator (bass, vocals, guitars, synths, percussion, whistling), Krizla (flute, vocals, piano, synths, percussion) and HlewagastiR (drums).

Tracklisting as follows:

  1. Satt i system                             12. Den nye tida
  2. Det beste for budsjettet            13. Synth etisk
  3. Han er litterær                         14. Kunstig uintelligens
  4. Varslerduett                             15. Gudenes krig
  5. Vikaren                                    16. Verdensarvingen
  6. Jakelstigen                               17. Enki Dumuzi Absu (CD only)
  7. Vi drikker ikke melk                     18. Før flommen
  8. Vi er elever                              19. Enkis sang
  9. Maurenes Jenka                       20. Golem
  10. Undringstimen (CD only)           21. Kontakten brytes
  11. Kunstig Intelligens
Tusmørke - Intetnett vinyl

With artwork by the legendary Norwegian artist Thore Hansen, “Intetnett” features a whopping total of 21 tracks and  will be available in CD, Digital, and Limited Edition White Vinyl formats, the latter of which will come with a 12-page lyric booklet.  

Webshop:  www.karismarecords.no
Bandcamp:  tusm-rke.bandcamp.com
Pre-save album: link.karismarecords.no/Tusmorke_Intetnett

Unwary adult listeners (because this album is for them too) should definitely keep in mind the fact that  that while TUSMØRKE may aim some of their albums at children, and entertaining though those albums may be, the band also has a serious message to impart to its adult listeners. And, by introducing a fascinating mix of subjects ranging from artificial intelligence, to advancements in technology, to the Singularity, and Mesopotamian gods,  TUSMØRKEreminds us all of our old, long-forgotten histories. 

In fact, “Intetnett” serves as a warning about the direction mankind is taking with technology, where our world is becoming a totalitarian nightmare where no one thinks for themselves, no one dreams anymore, and human culture itself is in peril. But all in not lost, because, long-ignored by humans, and consequently fading away, the old Mesopotamian Gods want to help humankind regain its freedom, and the only way to do so is by using Magic – better known as the old technology from a bygone era.  

More information about TUSMØRKE can be found on the band’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Tusmorke

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