Caravela Escarlate band

Karisma Records reveals new single & details of upcoming album from Brazilian symphonic proggers Caravela Escarlate.

The new year sees the release of the third full-length album from Brazilian Symphonic Proggers CARAVELA ESCARLATE. A follow up to the bands self-titled 2017 album, and simply titled “III”, the album promises a new journey along the pathways of vintage progressive rock.

With seven tracks (of which two are instrumentals) to choose from, Karisma Records have chosen to release the track ” Bússola do Tempo” as a single, as the band explains:

“Bússola do Tempo” is the opening track of our new album “III”, and, as the first single, it serves as an introduction to the album itself. The song is driven by powerful bass riffs, a heavy drum section, a warm organ sound, and remarkable synth interludes, the whole of which bears the influence of glorious 70s classic prog/rock.

Caravela Escarlate - III CD

You can download or stream “Bússola do Tempo”  from a number of services at:

Formed in Rio de Janeiro in 2011, CARAVELA ESCARLATE is heavily inspired by both English and Italian ‘70s Prog Rock, but what sets them apart from other bands of their ilk, is that they are able to draw on a wealth of traditional and popular Brazilian music, which gives the trio a special, and quite unique, sound.

With “III”, CARAVELA ESCARLATE have chosen to evoke significant historical issues within their differing contexts. As such they have created an album that cuts a broad swath through the Roman Empire, the Medieval  Period, Pre-Columbian Civilisations, and the Age of Discovery.  

Caravela Escarlate band

Even the cover art for “III”, by the renowned British artist J.M.W.Turner, has been chosen for its depiction of a cataclysmic event, namely the eruption of Vesuvius which destroyed Pompeii in AD 79. 

Tracklisting for “III” is as follows:

01. Bússola do Tempo
02. Castelos do Céu
03. Sonhos Medievais
04. Mandala
05. Cruz da Ordem
06. Ciclos
07. Filtro dos Sonhos

“III” will be released on Karisma Records on the 27th January 2023 in CD, Digital and Vinyl formats and is now available to pre-order from:
(US webshop)

In musical terms, CARAVELA ESCARLATE’s lineup of Jove David Palva on vocals, bass, guitars , Elcio Cáfaro on Drums and Ronaldo Rodrigues (ARCPELAGO, BLUE RUMBLE) on Keyboards, provide audiences with a deep dive into the world of organs and synthesisers, played over a solid foundation of drums and bass. Not too dissimilar from the exciting prog-rock trios of the 1970s, but, with the bands unique universal influences and Brazilian accents. 

More information about CARAVELA ESCARLATE can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

A video of CARAVELA ESVARLATE live playing the title track from their 2017 self-titled album:

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