Caravela Escarlate band

Symphonic proggers Caravela Escarlate release new single from upcoming album.

With their third full-length album, simply titled “III”, due out on Karisma Records on the 27th January, Brazilian Symphonic Proggers CARAVELA ESCARLATE  have released another song from the album. This time the chosen track is “Mandala”, which, in keeping with the album’s theme, takes a look at another significant period in history, as the band explains:

The introspective feel of this instrumental song, set over a solid mid-tempo groove, together with the epic moments of the chorus guided by mellotrons, leads the audience on a trip to the old cultures, in which circular forms represent the relationship between humankind and divine things. 

Caravela Escarlate band

“Mandala” can be streamed or downloaded from a number of services at:

Drawing inspiration from both English and Italian ‘70s Prog Rock, CARAVELA ESCARLATE was formed in 2011 in Rio de Janeiro. Today’s lineup of Jove David Paiva on vocal, bass, guitar, Elcio Cáfaro on drums, and Ronaldo Rodrigues (ARCPELAGO, BLUE RUMBLE) on keyboard, create a sound that allows audiences into a world of organs and synthesisers, played over a solid foundation of drums and bass. 

It is sound that is not too dissimilar to the exciting prog-rock trios of the 1970s, but there is an essential difference that imbues CARAVELA ESCARLATE’s music with an atmosphere that is original, and uniquely its own – because this is a band whose heritage enables it to take its international feel and blend into it a wealth of traditional and popular Brazilian music.

The Roman Empire, the Medieval  Period, Pre-Columbian Civilisations, and the Age of Discovery  were seminal periods in  the development of humanity and the world as we know it today, and, in “III”, CARAVELA ESCARLATE use their music to explores each period in a uniquely musical way. 

Caravela Escarlate - III CD

With cover art  by the renowned British artist J.M.W.Turner, chosen for its depiction of a cataclysmic event, namely the eruption of Vesuvius which destroyed Pompeii in AD 79, track listing for “III” is as follows:

01. Bússola do Tempo

02. Castelos do Céu

03. Sonhos Medievais

04. Mandala

05. Cruz da Ordem

06. Ciclos

07. Filtro dos Sonhos

“III” will be released in CD, Digital and Vinyl formats,  is now available to pre-order from various services at: (US webshop) (digital)

More information about CARAVELA ESCARLATE can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

A video of CARAVELA ESVARLATE live playing the title track from their 2018 self-titled album can be seen here:

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