The Chronicles of Father Robin

New signing: The Chronicles Of Father Robin, with members from Wobbler, Tusmørke and Jordsjø to be released on Karisma Records.

Inspired by the classic bands and albums of the early 1970s progressive music scene, as well as  contemporary bands ÄNGLAGÅRD, ANEKDOTEN, WHITE WILLOW and LANDBERK, THE CHRONICLES OF FATHER ROBIN (TCOFR for short) was founded back in 1993-94 by WOBBLER frontman Andreas W. S. Prestmo together with childhood friends Jon and Henrik, who shared a joint interest in folk tales, mythology, fantasy literature, psychedelia and adventurous music.

It was an exhilarating time filled with fiery discussions where we introduced each other to our latest musical, philosophical or literary discoveries and tried to win each other over. After a while, we created our own world inspired by these discoveries that besieged us.

The Chronicles of father robin live
Photo: Kai Hansen

From this period of creativity the story of the entity known as Father Robin emerged, a creature that embodied all the members of the band. As the members experienced challenges in life and developed as human beings, so the story of Father Robin took root in the mythical world of Airoea.

The first recording sessions started at Bekk Studios in Jæren, and over a span of 13 years they recorded what would eventually become “The Songs & Tales of Airoea”, which tells the tale of Father Robins journey in Airoea through 16 songs spread out over three albums.  

After a recording session we would typically walk down to the nearby beach. We discussed what we had done that day, but very often we started talking about what Father Robin would do next in the story we were continually writing. Where was he really going? Which implications and consequences did the choices we made that day had to say for the road and songs ahead? Holistic impulsivity and ideas, altruistic friendship, music, fantasies and coherent concept – all melded together in one pot.

The chronicles of father robin
Photo: Matthias Kirsch

The final pieces of the puzzle fell into place with the contributions of Lars Fredrik Frøislie (WOBBLER, IN LINGUA MORTUA, WHITE WILLOW) folksinger Aleksandra Morozova (MT. MELODIE, OSLO PHILHARMONIC CHOIR), Kristoffer Momrak (ALWANZATAR, TUSMØRKE, LES FLEURS DU MAL), Håkon Oftung (JORDSJØ) and illustrator Lars Kvernberg.

Thus “The Songs & Tales of Airoea” trilogy was finally complete, which is where Karisma Records comes in, because this summer they will join forces with the TCOFR’s own label, Old Oak Records, to unleash this beast onto an unsuspecting public. 

Karisma Records will release CD, Digital and Black Vinyl versions, whilst Old Oak Records will release a Deluxe Limited Edition coloured triple vinyl box set, something TCOFR have been looking forward to for a long, long, time:

The impulsive creative process and “collective brainstorming” that started in 1993 has more or less been the same all along. The ideas and the becoming concept have matured like an old wine in an abandoned fortress. We are now what we set out to be 30 years ago, and it feels bloody fantastic.

We’re therefore thrilled to be able announce this joint venture with Karisma Records, and proud to be a part of their ever-growing roster of exciting and talented artists. Karisma’s professional set up, network, and standing among artists and music lovers is a perfect match for THE CHRONICLES OF FATHER ROBIN. It’s been 30 years in the making, but now the dream finally comes true.

The chronicles of father robin

Full details of “The Songs & Tales of Airoea” trilogy will be released soon, and in the meantime a teaser for the album can be heard at

Lots of more information about THE CHRONICLES OF FATHER ROBIN can be found on the band’s website or on Facebook at  

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