Tusmørke - Hestehoven

Karisma Records announce new album and single from psychedelic prog folk rockers Tusmørke.

TUSMØRKE ‘s last three concept-based releases delighted the legion of young music fans at which they were aimed (as well as a sizeable portion of grown ups too). But now, the prolific Norwegian Psychedelic Prog Folk Rockers are back again, ready to unleash their anarchic brand of music on their adult fans with an eleventh full-length album titled “Hestehoven” that is definitely not for the faint hearted.

With “Hestehoven” TUSMØRKE have created a strange Fairyland where Satyrs and Nymphs indulge in brazen Bacchanals, and the unwary stranger is sucked into chance encounters with mildew-encrusted adult magazines that can be found carefully stashed away in the shrubs, and which are nothing short of erotic mysteries reminiscent of ancient fertility cults.

It is a world from which there is no turning back once you step on that wretched path that is fraught with danger and temptation.  Warlocks cackle and witches blush,  and a wise priest, who can see beyond the Lord’s Prayer, binds Old Eric to his bidding.

Photo by Terje Skår

Due out on the 18th of August, fans have been given a first glimpse into the “Mysteries” of the album with the release of the track “The Cycle of the Gylfaginning”, about which the band says:

As it begins, so it will end; from destruction new creations arise. In the turning wheel of  the seasons, all things take their turn again and again, take after take after take. There is no final take. After Ragnarok, life rolls on. Like the cycle of vegetation, Osiris, Balder or Jesus disappear to reappear. At the bottom of religion there is recycling.

“The Cycle of the Gylfaginning” can be streamed or downloaded from a variety of sources at:


Named after the flower Coltsfoot “Hestehoven” is an album that seems to spring from the Underworld both in sound, with its chthonic aspects, as well as in its conceptual undertones,  allowing the listeners to hum along as they witness a devil’s pact whilst peering through the keyhole of the local church. Or maybe rock out whilst riding a dog backwards, all the way to the witches’ Sabbath.

Tusmørke - Hestehoven vinyl

The artwork for “Hestehoven” has been specially commissioned from the highly acclaimed Norwegian artist Sverre Malling, and the track listing is as follows:

  1. Cycle of the Gylfaginning
  2. Hestehoven
  3. Den behornede guden
  4. Åndemaneren
  5. Jeg klumser deg
  6. Kyprianos
  7. The Wicked Ways of Witches and Wizards

“Hestehoven” will be available in CD, Digital and Limited Edition Vinyl with 4 page Lyric Booklet  formats and can now be pre-ordered from:

karismarecords.indiemerch.com (US webshop)

Life is never just sunshine and rainbows with  TUSMØRKE, whose name means twilight in Norwegian, and it is never more true than with “Hestehoven”.  However, what is true is that the band got it right when they say that the album is:

True Norwegian finger-clicking, butt-swinging. prog rock. No more, no less – but cerebral in excess! Spring has sprung! If it is all too much to bear, close your eyes and think about the flowers. Hail Pan.

More information about TUSMØRKE can be found on the band’s Facebook page at  facebook.com/Tusmorke

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