Karisma Records reveals album details and new single from prog rockers Jordsjø.

Norwegian Prog Rockers JORDSJØ are back with a brand new studio album which sees the duo continue on a musical journey that is inspired by Nordic jazz and folk music, classical 1900s music and sensory expanding 60s and 70s rock.

Titled “Salighet”,  the album will be the fourth full-length work from multi-instrumentalist Håkon Oftung (TUSMØRKE, BLACK MAGIC, THE CHRONICLES OF FATHER ROBIN) and drummer KRISTIAN FRØLAND, and it promises to be one of the most significant Prog albums of 2023, melding progressive rock with fantastic melodies with an added Folkish twist for good measure.


Whilst waiting for the 6 October release of “Salighet”, Karisma Records have released “Sankeren” a single taken from the album, which can be streamed or downloaded from a variety of services at

According to JORDSJØ, “Sankeren”, which translated means “The Harvester” is a short-form fairytale about a group of travelers who meet a figure who lives only from what he can harvest. As the band explains:

The song is a tribute to living life, and all the things one gathers on one’s journey. Sankeren lives outside society, but is filled with knowledge and inner richness. The music builds on the story – starting and ending with the same theme, while the hectic middle part simulates the effect of the tea Sankeren serves to the visitors before they wake up in a house filled with artifacts from an unknown time.

Within the album itself, JORDSJØ continue their musical journey, scaling the  heights and plunging into the abysses as they go, because with “Salighet” the band explores different forms of ecstasy through compositions and lyrics. It could take the shape of dance, a mountain hike, a fairytale, religious pondering or other kinds of inner travels, all enveloped by a colourful symphonic folk-rock sound.

Jordsjø - Salighet

With its grand dynamics and dramatics, the music of “Salighet”  serves as a counterpoint to the mundane everyday existence, and expresses a longing for mystery and alternate realities.

Mastered by Magnus Guldbrandsen at Jelöy Sound Mastering, and with artwork by Sindre Foss Skancke, track listing for  “Salighet”  is as follows:

01. Invokasjon

02. Sankeren

03. Salighet I

04. Salighet II

05. Ura

06. Danseritualer fra Jordsjø – Prosesjon & Ekstase

07. Stjernestigen

“Salighet”  will be released in CD, Digital, LP, and Limited Edition Transparent vinyl formats, and is now available to pre-order from:

More information about JORDSJØ can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

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