The Chronicles of Father Robin - Book II

Karisma Records announces album details of book II in The Chronicles of Father Robin’s Airoea fantasy trilogy and new single

Good news for those who are curious to find out what Father Robin gets up to next on his travels through the fantastical world of Airoea because Karisma Records have just announced the release of “The Songs & Tales of Airoea – Book II” from Prog Rockers THE CHRONICLES OF FATHER ROBIN (TCOFR for short).

“The Songs & Tales of Airoea” Trilogy itself unfolds over a period of three decades in an archaic alternate world. In Book II (“Ocean Traveller – Metamorphosis”) Father Robin journeys to the underwater city of Oriasaleah and over the Sea of Ayrouhr to the Grand Reef, where our intrepid explorer faces grave danger at the hands of the island people.

The Chronicles of Father Robin

The album opens with the sacral and atmospheric track “Over Westwinds”, and carries the listener further on a dynamic musical journey that uses lush and varied soundscapes, which evoke visions of the golden era of progressive rock. An abundant, and well-thought out, use of a variety of  instruments, such as flute, mellotron and glockenspiel, alongside more traditional rock instruments, is neatly packaged in a production that is both dynamic and organic, making “The Songs & Tales of Airoea” Trilogy a gem waiting to be discovered by fans of progressive rock.

For those eager or curious for a taste of what Book II will sound like, Karisma Records have today released a single from the album. Titled “The Grand Reef” it can be downloaded or streamed from a variety of services at:

TCOFR features members from some of the most revered progressive rock bands from Norway, WOBBLER, JORDSJØ, TUSMØRKE and seasoned post-rockers THE SAMUEL JACKSON FIVE, and their concept Trilogy was thirty years in the making.

Photo MatthiasKirsch jpg Karisma Records announces album details of book II in The Chronicles of Father Robin's Airoea fantasy trilogy and new single

The result in a cohesive triple concept album that features 18 songs in total which are spread out over three albums. With Book I having been released in September of this year, Book II will appear on the 8th December in CD, Digital and LP formats. The complete Trilogy is available as a Deluxe Limited Edition Triple Coloured Vinyl Box Set on Old Oak Records.

Contributors on the Trilogy include Thomas Kaldhol (MT. MELODIÉ, THE SAMUEL JACKSON FIVE), Lars Fredrik Frøislie (WOBBLER, IN LINGUA MORTUA, WHITE WILLOW), folksinger Aleksandra Morozova (MT. MELODIE, OSLO PHILHARMONIC CHOIR), Kristoffer Momrak (ALWANZATAR, TUSMØRKE, LES FLEURS DU MAL), Håkon Oftung (JORDSJØ) and illustrator Lars Kvernberg.

The Chronicles Of Father Robin - Book II

Tracklisting on “The Songs & Tales of Airoea – Book II” (which follows on directly from Book I) is as follows:

07. Over Westwinds

08. Orias & the Underwater City

09. Ocean Traveller

10. Lady of Waves

11. Green refreshments

12. The Grand Reef

Pre-orders are now available from: (US)

Emerging from the remains of the band FANGORN back in 1993- 94, THE CHRONICLES OF FATHER was formed by WOBBLER frontman Andreas W. S. Prestmo, who was joined by childhood friends Jon and Henrik, with whom he shared a joint interest in folk tales, mythology, fantasy literature, psychedelia and adventurous music.

More  information about THE CHRONICLES OF FATHER ROBIN can be found on the band’s website or on Facebook at

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