Arabs in Aspic - The Magic of Sin CD

Karisma Records releases track from upcoming Arabs in Aspic back catalogue trilogy.

The 1st December will see Karisma Records release the final three albums from the Back Catalogue of Prog Rockers ARABS IN ASPIC, and, as a prequel, the label has released, the title track from the band’s sixth album “The Magic of Sin” as a digi single. 

The single, can be downloaded or streamed from a number of services at:

“The Magic of Sin” itself was an album that marked a turning point in the band’s career, setting the parameters, both musically and structurally, for the direction that ARABS IN ASPIC would take going forward. Like all the albums in the Back Catalogue re-releases, it has been re-mastered  by Jacob Holm-Lupo (WHITE WILLOW, OPIUM CARTEL, SOLSTEIN etc), and features artwork by the band’s long-time collaborator Julia Proszowska.

Following on from the 2021 re-release of the first three albums from the band’s back-catalogue, those included in this, the final trilogy of releases, are:

“Pictures in a Dream” which was originally released in 2013, and will now be available in CD, Digital and Limited Edition Blue/Yellow Vinyl formats.

2015’s “Victims of your Father’s Agony” which will be available in CD, Digital and Limited Edition Blue/Yellow Vinyl formats.

And, of course, the afore-mentioned “The Magic of Sin”. First released in 2017, it is a very special album for ARABS IN ASPIC, for reasons too numerous to go into. Suffice it to say that its re-release deserves a special treatment. Thus, aside from the usual CD and Digital formats, “The Magic of Sin” will also be available in the form of a limited first pressing of the LP version in orange/black vinyl which comes in a unique tri-fold cover revealing more of Julia Proszowska’s striking cover art. If its combined with the original “Syndenes Magi” LP, all five panels of the painting will be visible.

Arabs in Aspic - IV​-​VI box set

All three albums will also be available as a Limited Edition Box Set vinyl titled “IV – VI”

All versions of all the albums can now be pre-ordered from:


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Full details and history of each of the individual releases can be found at

With a lineup consisting of Jostein Smeby on Guitars + vocals, Stig Jørgensen on Organs + vocals, Erik Paulsen on Bass + vocals, Eskil Nyhus on Drums + cymbals and Alessandro G. Elide on Percussion + gongs, and based  in Trondheim, Norway, the band’s roots can be traced back to the Golden Era of rock.

Given that they have seven full-length albums to their name (their seventh, “Madness and Magic” having been released on Karisma Records in 2020), ARABS IN ASPIC are certainly not newcomers to the prog scene.  Indeed, they have  been at  the forefront of 70’s inspired progressive rock and proto-hard rock for fifteen years. 

Arabs in Aspic

ARABS IN ASPIC’s unmistakable sound is mix of loud, heavy guitars and drums, 12 string acoustics, funky bass and percussion, screaming Hammond organs, soft Rhodes, Mellotrons and 70’s Synths, topped with plentiful vocal harmonies. It’s an all-encompassing sound that includes aspects of classic rock, funk, pop, prog, heavy rock, bossanova, and a capella.  

ARABS IN ASPIC’s next live appearance will be on the 11th November, alongside Dark Essence Records artist LUMSK, at the Verkstedhallen & Lobbyen in Trondheim, Norway.

More information about ARABS IN ASPIC can be found on the band’s Facebook page at or on their website at

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