Seigmen Hulen 1999

Karisma Records to release three new EPs from alternative rockers Seigmen.

Three new EPs from Alternative Rockers SEIGMEN are set to appear on Karisma Records on the 8th December. All three, titled “Rosa EP”, “Gul EP” and “Beige EP”. Respectively, will only be available in 12″ vinyl format, with each title strictly limited to 350 copies.

Founded in Tønsberg in 1989, SEIGMEN is one of Norway’s greatest and most recognized rock bands of all time, and, in 2019, they played a historic 4-day stint at the legendary Hulen in Bergen. Hulen is a venue that was very important to SEIGMEN in the early days, and this special set of shows gave the band the chance to reproduce four of their old 90s Hulen setlists. It was an occasion where a lot of songs were played for the first time in many, many years.

Motivated by this, SEIGMEN decided to record a few of their oldest songs – songs that dated back to the time when the band was known as KLISNE SEIGMENN. This would be the first time that these songs would actually be recorded in a studio, as, until now, they had only ever been played live. The tracks were recorded at Velvet Recording in Spydeberg, Norway. Which is the same studio where SEIGMEN’s legendary album “Total” was recorded back in 1994.

The A-sides of the EPs, will therefore contain the new studio recordings of those early songs, whilst the B-sides are made up of live performances recorded during those memorable 4 days at Hulen.

Kim Ljung, the band’s bass player/songwriter explains how those original songs first came about:

I remember that night in 1989 well. I was invited to Ubåtkaia by Sverre, Alex and Noralf – Klisne Seigmenn. They were only three guys, and needed a guy on bass.

They played the set that was going to be performed at Sjøormen in Tønsberg only a couple of months later. I was knocked to the ground. Blown away by the five songs presented and the power and intensity in the room. The songs are as good today as they were then. That it would take more than 30 years to get them recorded, is plain madness.

With cover design by Sigurd Kristiansen, tracklistings for the EPs are as follow:

Seigmen Rosa EP

Rosa EP
1. Rosa Boots

2. Monument (live)

3. Negativ (live)

4. Döderlein (live)

5. Korstoget (live)

Seigmen Gul EP vinyl

Gul EP
1. Sure Tær

2. Monsun (live)

3. Sort Disippel (live)

4. Korsfarer (live)

5. Nemesis (live)

Seigmen Beige EP

Beige EP
1. Mye dritt

2. Pappagutt

3. Performance Alpha (live)

4. Universal (live)

5. Neon Sun (live)

6. Performance Bravo (live)

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