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Prog rockers Airbag and Karisma Records renew long-standing collaboration.

With their sixth full-length album well on its way to completion, Norwegian Prog Rockers AIRBAG will continue their journey with Karisma Records who have worked alongside the band since the very start.

It has been a collaboration that has stood both the band and the label in good stead over the past couple of decades, as AIRBAG explained:

We’re very excited to continue the strong partnership with Karisma Records. They’ve supported the band since the beginning, always with a firm understanding and belief in what we create. We really can’t wait to release our new album! 

Formed in the mid 2000’s by five high school classmates, AIRBAG’s lineup today still includes two of those original members, Asle Tostrup on vocals and Bjørn Riis on guitars, plus Henrik Bergan Fossum on drums.  

Airbag band picture
Photo by Anne-Marie Forker

Since its inception, the band’s ability to blend diverse musical styles and sounds, with a strong narrative listening experience, has seen AIRBAG earn the plaudit as one of the most important bands to have emerged from the Norwegian prog scene over the past decades. 

Karisma Records themselves are equally as enthusiastic to continue working and growing the relationship with AIRBAG as AIRBAG is enthusiastic about continuing to work and grow with the label:

We’re super happy to continue our journey with Airbag for their next albums. The band has been an integral part defining and growing Karisma Records for many years now, and it has been a privilege to see the band develop. Working with Airbag is always a pleasure, both professionally and personally. Having heard the master for the upcoming album, we can promise you yet another awesome piece of work!

AIRBAG will be appearing at the Cosmopolite Scene in Oslo, Norway, along with label-mates OAK, on the 10th February. 

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