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Prog Rockers Airbag reveal details, new single and video from upcoming sixth full-lenght album

It’s the news Prog fans have been waiting for since 2020 when AIRBAG released their last album “A Day at the Beach”, because, on the 14th June 2024 Karisma Records will release “The Century of the Self”, the sixth full-length album from the Norwegian masters of Prog.

Cover of prog rock band Airbag's sixth full-length album "The Century of the Self"

With AIRBAG’s trademark fusion of mellow introspection and dynamic energy, “The Century of the Self” promises to carry the listener on an auditory journey like no other, and, for those eager to assuage their thirst for new material from the band, Karisma Records have released a single from the album.

Titled “Erase” this is what AIRBAG had to say about it:

“Erase” is probably one of the heaviest songs we’ve ever written, and it was the first we wrote for the new album. It pretty much defined the mood and theme for the rest of the material. “Erase” is a comment on the whole cancel culture and how everything we don’t like just gets wiped out. It really is a frightening concept and we tried to capture some of that brutality and force in the music and production.

“Erase” is available to stream or download from a variety of services

A lyric video for “Erase” by Crystal Media (known for their work with songwriter/producer Steven Wilson, amongst others)

Delving into the themes of cancel culture and the rewriting of personal histories, AIRBAG’s lineup of Asle Tostrup on vocals, keyboards and programming, Henrik Bergan Fossum on drums, and Bjørn Riis on guitars, bass, keyboards and backing vocals, have, with “The Century of the Self”, created much more than just a sonic odyssey. It is a reflection of our modern zeitgeist, offering a poignant commentary on a world steeped in fear and condemnation. 

As the album unfolds, it transports the listener on a voyage through introspection and intensity. Starting with the mesmerizing depths of the opening track “Dysphoria”, each of the five tracks on “The Century of the Self” captivate the listener with the irresistible vocal hooks and virtuoso lead guitar work that has become synonymous with the Airbag sound.

From the haunting crescendo of “Tyrants and Kings,” to the introspective balladry of “Awakening” we are led towards the foreboding depths of the single “Erase” with its echoes of AIRBAG’s much-acclaimed work on the album “Disconnected”. 

“Erase” builds from a hypnotic bass line into a powerhouse of heavy refrains, setting the stage for the epic conclusion of “Tear it Down”. Clocking in at a staggering 14 minutes, this opus traverses serene moments of reflection towards the heaviest musical landscapes Airbag has ever produced.

Standing as a testament to AIRBAG’s enduring creativity and artistic vision, “The Century of the Self” was recorded at Subsonic Society, Airbag Studio, and Riis Studio, and expertly produced, mixed, and mastered by Vegard Kleftås Sleipnes.  

With artwork by Asle Tostrup, and featuring Kristian Hultgren on bass on “Dysphoria” and “Tear it Down”, Ole Michael Bjørndal on guitar on “Dysphoria”, “Tyrants and Kings” and “Tear it Down” and Simen Valldal Johannessen on keyboards on “Tear it Down”, track listing on “The Century of the Self” is as follows:

01. Dysphoria

02. Tyrants and Kings

03. Awakening

04. Erase

05. Tear It Down

“The Century of the Self” will be released in CD, Limited Edition Digisleeve CD and Digital formats, as well as three different LP version -Black Vinyl LP, Limited Edition Red Vinyl LP and  Limited Edition Black and Red Splatter Vinyl LP.

It is now available to pre-order

More information about AIRBAG can be found on the band’s website  or on Facebook


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