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Karisma Records have today released the first five studio albums from Swedish Prog Rockers AGUSA, a band that has been at the forefront of the Swedish Psychedelic Prog scene since its formation in 2013. 

Over the years, AGUSA’s lineup of Simon Ström on bass, Nicolas Difonis on drums, Mikael Ödesjö on guitar, Roman Andrén on keys, and Jenny Puertas on Flute, have demonstrated a remarkable ability to communicate with their listeners on both an emotional, as well as a visceral, level.

The five albums to be released are:

HÖGTID: first released in 2014
TVÅ: first released in 2015
AGUSA: first released in 2017
EN ANNAN VÄRLD: first released in 2021
PRIMA MATERIA: first released in 2023

All five of the albums have initially been re-released in digital formats, whilst the physical versions will be released in the near future, with details to be revealed.

The digital formats are available on all streaming platforms.

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AGUSA is a band whose roots lie deep within the fertile ambients of space rock, kraut rock and jazz, and who draw their influences from Nordic and Latin American folk music. When you listen to AGUSA’s music, you get a sense of being transported back to the 70s, but this time the decade has a whole new slant, because this is a group of musicians who interpret things in their own way, and have come together to forge a strong musical identity that is unmistakably AGUSA.

Blending tripped-out psychedelic and progressive rock structures aimed at instilling visions of nature and the cosmos, AGUSA’s sound ranges effortlessly from majestic beauty to violent outbursts. Dreamlike passages meander into realms that hint at a supernatural or parallel existence.

On stage too, AGUSA’s lineup is able to perform meditative soft parts, and seamlessly combine them with epic interludes and the occasional trip to a rock hard darkness, all of which provide audiences with an unforgettable live experience, and which fans will be able to witness for themselves on the following dates:

29 June:  Stationen Röstånga, Röstånga, Sweden
13 July:  Summer Fog Festival, Spodek, Katowice, Poland
08 August: Kuudes Linja, Helsinki, Finland
14 August: Malmöfestivalen, Malmö, Sweden
28 Sept: Progressive Circus, Babel,

More information about AGUSA can be found on the band’s Facebook page at

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