Wobbler - Hinterland CD


The release of “Hinterland” in 2005 got the band a sizable international audience almost overnight, and many raving reviews praising the record's authentic sound and the complex yet beautiful songwriting.


Mixing a strong sense of tradition with originality, Hinterland (2005) had launched Wobbler as one of the rising stars of traditional progressive rock. Many fans were asking for the early demo they did in 2003, and these tracks were re-recorded withthe full band for “Afterglow" .

Wobbler - Afterglow CD
Wobbler - Rites at Dawn CD

Rites at Dawn

“Rites at Dawn” (2011),was the arrival of singer Andreas W. S. Prestmo. Since Andreas is also a songwriter and lyricist, he brought the band up to a new level where vocal melodies, lyrics, arrangements and performances came together in a cohesive whole.

Wobbler I-III Vinyl box set


Exclusive vinyl box set. Contains the first three Wobbler albums. All on different colour variations than the standalone vinyl versions.

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