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Having snapped up the Norwegian cult prog rockers MAJOR PARKINSON, Karisma Records have announced today that the title track from the upcoming album Blackbox is available as a single. The single will be available on all digital platforms and can be heard below or found on Spotify at

The album Blackbox will be the fourth studio album from the outlandish prog phenomenon that is MAJOR PARKINSON. Set for release on the 27th of October of this year, and available on Degaton Records in Norway and Karisma Records in the rest of the world, the band spent the better part of two years creating Blackbox. Recorded partly in the legendary Duper Studio, and partly in MAJOR PARKINSON’s own dungeon – Degaton Studio, Blackbox is an uncompromising work, somewhere at the crossroads between progressive rock, cinematic pop, heavy industry and icy Arctic electronics.

With Linn Frøkedal (MISTY COAST, LOW FREQUENCY IN STEREO) contributing her haunting vocals on no less than four tracks, she is joined by a a plethora of guest musicians who have all added their unique talents to further elevate the Blackbox experience. In the able hands of sound maestro Yngve Leidulv Sætre, Blackbox is an album filled with frenetic horn sections, angelic strings, rusty hammers, paper planes and rocket ships.

According to MAJOR PARKINSON, Blackbox is an unparalleled journey through cinematic, progressive soundscapes and otherworldly melodies which have been forged in stainless dark matter and filled to the brim with musical excess. It is a treasure chest pulled patiently from the ocean floor, through shoals of curious starfish. It’s a night ride through a snowy and moonlit mountain pass, under the pale flicker of oddly shaped constellations!

With artwork by Martin Kvamme, the album will be available as digipak, black vinyl, gold vinyl and in digital formats. The tracklisting on Blackbox is as follows:

1. Lover, Lower Me Down!
2. Night Hitcher
3. Before the Helmets
4. Isabel – A Report to an Academy
5. Scenes from Edison’s Black Maria
6. Madeleine Crumbles
7. Baseball
8. Strawberry Suicide
9. Blackbox

Blackbox is now available to pre-order from

More information about MAJOR PARKINSON, whose lineup comprises Jon Ivar Kollbotn, Eivind Gammersvik, Lars C Bjørknes, Sondre Veland, Sondre Skollevoll, Øysten Bech-Eriksen and Claudia Cox, can be found on the band’s Facebook page at and on their website at

A video for the song Pretty Eyes, Pretty Eyes by MAJOR PARKINSON can be seen below and at

Whilst a video of the band performing live at Ricks in Bergen can be seen below and at

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