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Airbag PR1

Now that the release date of the 10th June for “Disconnected” is very close, Norwegian Prog Rockers AIRBAG have released a third video teaser for their fourth full-length album, which will be out on Karisma Records. The short, and very tantalising teaser, can be seen below and on the band’s YouTube channel at

With a lineup consisting of Bjørn Riis (guitars, keyboards, backing vocals, bass, co-producer), Asle Tostrup (vocals, keyboards, programming, producer, graphic design), Henrik Fossum (drums), Jørgen Hagen (programming, keyboards) and Anders Hovdan (bass), AIRBAG was Formed in 2004. Since then the band’s reputation has gained a solid, and ever increasing, following amongst prog fans the world-over, whilst their three previous full-length releases, “Identity” (2009), “All Right Removed” (2011) and “The Greatest Show on Earth” (2013), have received much critical acclaim.

Produced by Asle Tostrup and Bjørn Riis, and with long-time collaborator and engineer Vegard Sleipnes once again on board, “Disconnected” sees AIRBAG continuing to develop the sound that blends different musical styles with soaring guitars and soulful vocals to create lush soundscapes . AIRBAG’s music has been described as “scenic, epic rock”, and it is that, and more.
“Disconnected” takes as its theme the sense of alienation that exists between the individual and society and each of the six compositions depicts the state of feeling on ‘the outside’ and out of touch with oneself and those around us. Artwork for the album is designed by vocalist Tostrup

1. Killer
2. Broken
3. Slave
4. Sleepwalker
5. Disconnected
6. Returned

Airbag Disconnected PR1

AIRBAG will be performing a release show at the John Dee in Oslo, Norway, on the 10th June. Tickets available from

More information about AIRBAG can be found on the band’s website at or on Facebook at

“Killer” the opening track from “Disconnected” can be heard below and at

AIRBAG’s “Disconnected” is available in CD, double 12″ vinyl and digital download formats on Karisma Records and can be pre-order in both CD and 12″ vinyl format from as well as in both formats or digital download from

A video of AIRBAG playing “All Rights Removed” live in Oslo when the band supported Marillion on the Scandinavian leg of their world tour can be seen below and at

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