Caravela Escarlate, III (CD)

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Jewel Case CD.
Comes with 6-page booklet.

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Formed in Rio de Janeiro in 2011, Caravela Escarlate is a trio heavily inspired by both English and Italian ‘70s Prog Rock, but they draw on traditional and popular Brazilian music, which gives them a special, and quite unique, sound.

Caravela Escarlate’s third album is a new journey into vintage progressive rock pathways. “III” evokes historical issues in different contexts – Roman Empire, Medieval Times, Pre-Columbian Civilizations, and Age of Discovery. The cover artwork is a painting of the British artist J.M.W.Turner portraying the eruption of Vesuvius that destroyed Pompeii in AD 79.

In musical terms, Jove David Paiva, Elcio Cáfaro, and Ronaldo Rodrigues provide a deep exploration of organs and synthesizers over a solid basis of drums and bass like the glorious prog-rock trios from the 1970s. Seven tracks (two instrumentals) bring the unique approach of Caravela Escarlate that mixes universal influences and a Brazilian accent in prog rock.

Jewel Case CD.
Comes with 6-page booklet.

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