Seigmen, Radiowaves - 2LP

Seigmen – Radiowaves, on vinyl for the first time
Double 180 gram LP (black vinyl) in gatefold sleeve, with info sheet and poly-lined inner sleeves

Release date: 27 March 2020

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Remastered for vinyl by Chris Sansom at Propeller

Side A:
01. Performance Alpha
02. The World Revolves Around You
03. Universal
04. The Modern End

Side B:
01. Bloodprint
02. Neon Sun
03. Guilt
04. Trampoline

Side C:
01. Mercurial
02. Performance Bravo
03. Like Porcelain (vinyl bonus track)

Side D:
01. Malmklang (vinyl bonus track)
02. P-Machinery (vinyl bonus track)
03. Toys (vinyl bonus track)
04. Washed (vinyl bonus track)
05. Frost-Bite (vinyl bonus track)

Preorder, to be released on March 27th 2020