Seigmen, EP Bundle (3x 12″)

Pre-order. Release date December 8, 2023.

Contains all three Seigmen EP.  Only available on vinyl, and only one pressing of 350 copies.

Tracklist Rosa EP:
1. Rosa Boots
2. Monument (live)
3. Negativ (live)
4. Döderlein (live)
5. Korstoget (live)

Tracklist Gul EP:
1. Sure Tær
2. Monsun (live)
3. Sort Disippel (live)
4. Korsfarer (live)
5. Nemesis (live)

Tracklist Beige EP:
1. Mye dritt
2. Pappagutt
3. Performance alpha (live)
4. Universal (live)
5. Neon sun (live)
6. Performance bravo (live)

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Seigmen, founded in Tønsberg in 1989, is one of Norway’s greatest and most recognized rock bands
of all time. In 2019, the band played a historic 4-day stint at the legendary Hulen in Bergen, a venue
that was very important for the band in the early days. There, they replicated four old 90s Hulen
setlists, thus playing a lot of songs for the first time in many, many years.

Sparked by this, the band decided to record a few of their oldest songs, from the time when they
were called Klisne Seigmenn – songs which had been performed live back then, but never recorded in
a studio.

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