D’accorD, Helike (CD)

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With a big inspiration from 70’s bands like Genesis, King Crimson, Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull, the band D’accorD started in 2008. The year after, they released their first album by themselves and got great feedback from prog rock fans and press all over the world. They played a lot of shows in Norway, got to open for Focus, and got to play some festivals in The Netherlands as well.

Now they’ve signed to Karisma Records and are out with the “difficult” 2nd album, called “Helike”. It’s an ambitious beast of an album, containing 2 songs of over 20 minutes each. “Helike” is a concept album about the real city of Atlantis. D’accorD takes a big leap ahead with this album, and takes the best from the 70’s prog and gives it a fresh take. D’accorD has really grown as a band, and delivers a masterpiece with “Helike”.

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