Wobbler, Hinterland (CD)

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Progressive rock in 2005 had gotten slick, soulless and narrow-minded. Bands were imitating bands that were imitating bands that were … you get the idea. Wobbler was something very, verydifferent. In keeping with the original progressive ethos, they took inspirations from a wide variety of sources. 60s and 70s rock, jazz, electronica and extreme metal, to name a few. They combined these influences with a deep and astute understanding of what it was that made the best 1970s progressive rock tick. The dramatic dynamics, the shadings of light and darkness, the warm, ghostly sonorities of arcane instruments like the Mellotron, the Mini-Moog or how about a theorboor a recorder?And of course,the thunderous growl of the Rickenbacker bass guitar.

The release of “Hinterland”in 2005got the band a sizable international audience almost overnight,and many raving reviews praising the record’s authentic sound and the complex yet beautiful songwriting.

“Hinterland”was the start for one of the best progressive rock bands that has emerged in the early 2000’s, and is now finally available again on CD,and vinyl .It will also be part of a limited vinyl box with the 3 first albums.

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